Powering Up Performance

By Dr Malcolm Johnson FAIM

Time flies. Halfway through the financial year and performance targets have become a near and present reality. It’s here we ask, what can you change now to gain beneficial outcomes at the start of the new calendar year?

From the Archives: Super Goals Too Much of a Stretch

In this post we revisit a classic article from the July 2013 edition of Management Today. Pulling back your ambitions may lead to better results. By Gerard McManus

Some management ideas are extremely fashionable for a while before being overtaken by a shiny new trend, but they may linger for years afterwards as imitator experts continue to hold on and run with them regardless of their inherent merits.

Giving Voice to Values

How can you effectively stand up for your values when you are being pressured by your boss, colleagues, customers, or shareholders to do the opposite?

One of the principal architects of Harvard’s Leadership, Ethics and Corporate Responsibility curriculum says leaders need to be provided with training, practice and scripts for dealing with corporate misconduct.

5 Things You Will See in a Standout Leadership Resume

Whether you have a long standing history in leadership roles or are looking to take your first step into leadership, there are some common elements that you can include in your resume, to ensure that it stands out from the competition.

Leaders often have an abundance of standout achievements, comprehensive histories and strong value offerings but if they don’t shine on paper, they may find it difficult to progress into the interview stage.

I assist many leaders across a wide range of industries and a few of my tops tips for leadership resumes include:

Julia Gillard on Women in Leadership Roles


As an advocate for gender equality in Australia, the Australian Institute of Management stages a number of high-profile events each year such as the International Women’s Day Debate in Brisbane and the Great Debate in Canberra in order to promote the advancement of women in leadership roles. Another of these events is the Outstanding Women’s Series which will feature former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard in Melbourne on Friday 14 November.


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