It’s not me it’s you: coping with the difficult person on your team

By AIM Faculty Jan Burnes

No you’re not imagining it. There are some people who can brighten a room just by leaving it!

However, according to experts such as Dr Robert Bramson, author of the book, “Dealing with Difficult People” over 90 percent of workers want to do a good job and get on well with others. If you’re reading this, a member of the minority is probably causing you some grief. Some problems exist and as a manager, you need to try and work things out.

Organisational Psychopaths: The Enemy Within

By Helen Burns

Picture this: you are a team leader running a day-long workshop with a group of managers from across the organisation. The workshop is going well, everyone is contributing and you are making progress.

After the lunch break your senior manager arrives unannounced, stands in front of the group and says: "This isn't going well at all; I'm going to take over now."

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