Bad behaviour and organisational culture: the creativity problem

By AIM Education and Training

While many people think creativity is a trait best suited to the art studio, it's also valuable in the office. Whether you're trying to develop a unique strategy to deal with an unforeseen contingency, or creating novel work processes to improve efficiency, creativity can add value to all manner of work.

Managing creative talent is an essential leadership skill.

Why do smart leaders build high-trust cultures?

By AIM Education and Training

Back in 2014, the San Francisco Giants did the unimaginable, they won the Major League Baseball World Series. While they were ranked lowly when the season started, the Giants were able to drag themselves to the final against the odds. Facing off against the American League champions Kansas City Royals, the series went down to the final game. 

Rethinking personality in today's world of diversity

We all know the scenario: You apply for a job that fits your project management training. The company loves your C.V., you nail the interview and meet with the directors - who think you're perfect. Yet, why have you not received a confirmation email in the last three to five days?

Well, you remember that questionnaire you filled out? It was a personality test and while you ticked all the other boxes, the results of this showed that you were not a 'good fit' for the corporate culture. 

Organisational Psychopaths: The Enemy Within

By Helen Burns

Picture this: you are a team leader running a day-long workshop with a group of managers from across the organisation. The workshop is going well, everyone is contributing and you are making progress.

After the lunch break your senior manager arrives unannounced, stands in front of the group and says: "This isn't going well at all; I'm going to take over now."

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