5 Future Trends of Learning and Development

5 Future Trends of Learning and Development

The way we work, live and learn is changing just as quickly as the world around us. New economic conditions and technological breakthroughs are combining in unexpected ways to disrupt stable industries and create new business opportunities. The challenge for today’s organisations is how best to develop the capability within their workforce that will allow them to innovate and stay ahead of the disruption curve.

Study plan or late night cram: ten tips to get you back into the swing of study

By Hamish Williams

So you’ve finally done it. You’re enrolled in a long overdue course or qualification and you’re chomping at the bit to get back into the wonderful world of study. How long has it been, years, decades, millennia since you last used a textbook for anything besides propping up a shelf? Have you still got what it takes? Did you ever have it?

Four reasons why an MBA could be the qualification for you

A Masters of Business Administration (MBA) continues to represent one of the most popular advanced degrees, designed specifically for managers and executives who are looking to take their career to the next level. With a number of options open to individuals, understanding the benefits that come with this course of study is incredibly important.

There is also no shortage of reasons to consider pursuing an MBA. Here are four of the most common benefits behind choosing this masters qualification.

Just-in-time education - knowledge when you need it

By Hamish Williams

As we make progress in our careers, there are always moments when we experience the “growing pains” of career advancement. Advancing through the leadership ranks in your career is difficult and with good reason. If it were easy then everyone would be doing it.

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