How does mindfulness affect business results?


What do leading companies such as Google, Apple and SAP have in common in the way they view their workforce? They know that one of the fastest growing demographics within is burnt out leaders. This is why leading companies around the globe are introducing mindfulness programs into their leadership development so they can stop the rot and help their leaders to achieve their potential.

The secret to success: what is social capital?

By AIM Senior Research Fellow Dr Samantha Johnson

“You’ve got brains in your head. You’ve got feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.” - Dr Seuss

We can steer ourselves in any direction we choose, but can we win a promotion or get our dream job?  Looking across the Australian public sector, there are opportunities opening up everywhere.  But can you make sure that you’re in the running?

9 ways to earn their respect

By Alison Vidotto

Respect is a fundamental ingredient if we want to be successful, whether as a leader or as a business owner. If those who answer to you do not respect you, “Houston you have a problem!”

Emotional Rescue: mitigating the effects of negative emotions

By Hamish Williams

We all get out of the wrong side of bed some days. Even people with the sunniest of dispositions have moments where it’s virtually impossible to maintain a positive outlook. The important thing to remember when the going gets tough is that simply being aware of your emotions is the vital first step in controlling them.

How flexible is your leadership?

Guest post by Alison Vidotto

There are many different styles of leadership we can adopt when it comes to dealing with various situations and challenges. According to situational leadership models a strong leader will choose the most appropriate for the situation at hand. This idea is based on the premise that situational leadership gives a leader the insight needed to adapt their behaviour to best deal with the situation they are facing.

Stop the train: taking stock for planning ahead

Guest post by Alasdair Bradley, AIM's Head Designer of Learning

The pace is often frenetic. Days roll into weeks and months and before we know it, another year has passed. We live in a time where time is of the essence, where a moment lived is a moment lost. Every day we wake to a new future only to have it relegated almost immediately to the past. We are constantly if not consistently propelled toward forward; looking back rarely seems an option.

The Missing Links in Leadership

Guest post by AIM Faculty, Kerry Anne Cassidy

Relationships can be the most difficult, frustrating and fulfilling ways to grow as a person.  All successful workplace relationships include two characteristics that are in short supply in busy workplaces where deadlines and achieving goals are all-important.  These characteristics are essential to successful relationships.  They develop your emotional awareness of others and in so doing, they inspire those who work with you.

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