Balancing the scales: Do you promote from within or hire outside talent?

Choosing whether to hire external staff or promote internally is one of the trickiest balancing acts for HR departments. It can easily feel like walking a tight-rope, particularly when they are filling the shoes of senior managers.

Of course, there are benefits to both, and in most cases the primary focus will have to be on selecting the right candidate for the position, regardless of where they have come from.

Keeping the bottom line in mind: why you need to understand finance

By Hamish Williams

Every decision made and every action taken within an organisation has a financial impact. Some obviously have more impact than others as the decision to buy a slightly higher quality brand of instant coffee in the staff lunch room is unlikely to bring a business crashing to the ground. However, managers with no accounting or financial reporting responsibilities make decisions every day that have significant financial impacts on their organisation.

Reactive mess or proactive plan: getting on top at the end of the financial year

By Hamish Williams

It’s that time of the year again where we all dive frantically through our receipts and try to reconcile our expenditure as the June 30 deadline barrels towards us like a freight train of worried accountants.

The entire process becomes a reactive one where we tread the fine line between desperately trying to claim what we’re eligible for while not sending our finance team into a panic.

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