Fail to plan and plan to fail: why you need to stick to your New Year’s resolutions

So it’s week two of 2016, you’ve already skipped your morning run twice and you caved in and drank a few too many glasses of wine on Saturday night. While it might feel like the wheels are wobbling already, it isn’t yet time to give up on all of your goals for the year.

The New Year is when nearly everyone starts to set new goals for themselves, both professionally and personally. For busy managers, this is the ideal time to consider how to put these into action over the coming weeks.

Getting your head in the game: four tips for really achieving your goals in 2016

Getting your head in the game: four tips for really achieving your goals in 2016

So Christmas has been and gone and you’re staring down the barrel of another 12 months of work. Think back to this time last year, did you achieve everything you set out to do in 2015? If not, that’s OK – no one’s perfect. We all pay lip service to goal setting but how many of us really take the time do it well? Effective goal setting is the key to real success so we’ve put together four tips to help you really get on track towards big things this year.

Stop the train: taking stock for planning ahead

Guest post by Alasdair Bradley, AIM's Head Designer of Learning

The pace is often frenetic. Days roll into weeks and months and before we know it, another year has passed. We live in a time where time is of the essence, where a moment lived is a moment lost. Every day we wake to a new future only to have it relegated almost immediately to the past. We are constantly if not consistently propelled toward forward; looking back rarely seems an option.

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