What can Homo Erectus teach you about making sustainable business decisions?

Who would have thought that the rolling green hills of the English countryside would be home to one of the most innovative and sustainable technological inventions ever created on Earth?

And no, it is not hiding a massive supercollider or a team of nuclear scientists, instead it is the place where the Acheulean hand ax was first uncovered. This tech device constitutes a significantly valuable and incredibly sustainable technology that was used for approximately 1.5 million years.

Manager or motivator? How to build a high-performing team

It's become a core goal for organisations: improve the performance of each and every team within the company. It falls on managers and HR professionals to understand the challenges companies are facing and develop a strategy to help staff reach their peak.

Employees are also looking out for these qualities in their managers. A survey from Robert Half earlier this year found that the most desirable quality in a manager is that they can motivate and inspire staff to perform higher.

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