From the Archives: Super Goals Too Much of a Stretch

In this post we revisit a classic article from the July 2013 edition of Management Today. Pulling back your ambitions may lead to better results. By Gerard McManus

Some management ideas are extremely fashionable for a while before being overtaken by a shiny new trend, but they may linger for years afterwards as imitator experts continue to hold on and run with them regardless of their inherent merits.

Creatives Showing Off Skills With Online Portfolios

A resume is no longer enough – a stylish DIY website is the perfect way to stand out from the crowd and allows you to share examples of your work with potential employers. By Emma Williams 

When sifting through resumes, the point of difference used to be your hobbies: reading, or hiking, say. However, the online era has brought much change and some people are building whole websites to show off what they can do.

Under the Influence

Drug and alcohol policies are vital in any organisation, as what employees get up to in their own time can affect their safety and productivity in the workplace. By Leon Gettler 

Drugs and alcohol abuse impact businesses and managers. The Australian Drug Foundation estimates alcohol and drug misuse cost the Australian workplace $6 billion a year.

It's Time to Make the Most of Your Day

There will only ever be 24 hours in a day, so it’s wise to use them to their full potential. ByLeon Gettler

Talk to any manager these days and they’ll tell you they’re busy. Time is the big talking point. It is the most precious commodity around.

How to Get the Job Done – Interview Tips

Doing some homework before a job interview can help avoid fluffing your lines and blowing your chances. By Emma Williams

The problem with first impressions is you only get to make one of them, which is why interviews can seem so daunting.

Virtual Offices Provide Real Advantages

Allowing employees to work from home can be good for business, but managers need to know what they’re dealing with – it isn’t for everyone. By Emma Williams

The virtual office concept is becoming more prevalent as employers look to it as a cost-saving measure and employees rank the flexibility as one of the most desirable employment options.

Push to Put Lid on Ever Expanding Inbox

Email, one of the world’s greatest communication tools, has morphed from servant to tyrant. By Ainsleigh Sheridan

Globally, 100 billion business emails are transacted daily. It is predicted this will rise to 132 billion by 2017. You’ve got mail – and potentially a serious problem.

That’s certainly how John Borghetti sees it. The Virgin CEO says he gets up to 500 emails a day and still has hundreds to read on a Sunday – at 3am!

Professor of Prophecies

Australian demographer Bernard Salt has carved out a unique niche as the go-to man when managers or the media have questions about the forces shaping the nation, writes Leon Gettler

What’s keeping managers up at night? Australia’s most celebrated demographer Bernard Salt says it’s a completely different proposition from 10 years ago.

“The thing that used to keep CEOs awake at night were operational matters, like how do I reduce my staff turnover,” Salt says.

How Small Business Can Stay in Business

AIM in Victoria played host to the first Management Today Roundtable last month, discussing productivity and innovation with Federal Minister for Small Business Bruce Billson and executives and management experts. By Tom Skotnicki

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