Time Management

Do you have time to lead?

By Alison Vidotto

Leadership is a large responsibility; it comes with many aspects, including strategic planning, strong communication, sharing of the vision and purpose, to name just a few. For many small business owners, it also includes a hands on management role. We juggle both positions and the tasks involved are often numerous.

Our to-do list can be ever increasing with so many tasks and distractions demanding our attention. How do we keep on top of it all? 

The key is our time management capabilities.

The good news is you don’t need to change the world in 2016

2015 ended with new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announcing the Government’s $1.1 billion National Science and Innovation Agenda, designed to provide a new focus for the economy and spark a so-called ideas boom. Science is being supported, risk-taking incentivised and tertiary education institutions are being encouraged to commercialise, rather than simply publish research. So far, so good.

Inspired? Or still wondering how it all really applies to you?

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