Would you ever steal the office stapler?

It's been a tough week. The project you've been putting extra time into has fallen through and your manager hasn't provided the support you are looking for.

Then, you see it: the office stapler. It's unguarded - no one would know if it disappeared - and there are plenty more in the store cupboard. The question is, in that week when you feel your boss owes you, do you steal the stapler?

"When it comes to ethics, we think it's a test of our moral identity, which makes us more emotional."

Balancing the scales: Do you promote from within or hire outside talent?

Choosing whether to hire external staff or promote internally is one of the trickiest balancing acts for HR departments. It can easily feel like walking a tight-rope, particularly when they are filling the shoes of senior managers.

Of course, there are benefits to both, and in most cases the primary focus will have to be on selecting the right candidate for the position, regardless of where they have come from.

The good news is you don’t need to change the world in 2016

2015 ended with new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announcing the Government’s $1.1 billion National Science and Innovation Agenda, designed to provide a new focus for the economy and spark a so-called ideas boom. Science is being supported, risk-taking incentivised and tertiary education institutions are being encouraged to commercialise, rather than simply publish research. So far, so good.

Inspired? Or still wondering how it all really applies to you?

Preparing to lead successful organisational change

Most executives and leaders will be familiar with the challenges that come with a change management effort. As businesses continue to experience a highly disruptive corporate landscape, enterprise-wide change is becoming an important aspect of company performance.

According to research from the Project Management Institute, only 18 per cent of firms are effectively leading change, while the vast majority (64 per cent) are only moderately successful. Further research from McKinsey & Company found a mere third of change programs are actually implemented correctly.

Sacred cows and furrowed brows: the gentle art of managing project stakeholders

By Hamish Williams

Even the most experienced of project managers will attest that some elements of a project are impossible to quantify and plan for. Finances, legislation and even the weather can all change drastically in an instant but no component of a project is more unpredictable than its stakeholders. Managing the long list of stakeholders involved in a project can be both time consuming and stressful but failure to do so can swiftly spell the end for even the least technical of projects.

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