How much more do MBA graduates earn?

By AIM Education & Training

Money is what makes the world go round. Well, scientifically, that's not really true. But metaphorically, it is money that funds our ability to create a life, to live and to love.

Wait for a pay rise or go for a promotion?

By Hamish Williams

So you’ve been in your current role for a while now, you like the company and you enjoy your role. The only problem is your salary has only marginally improved over the few years you’ve been there. Meanwhile, you’ve taken on more responsibility and developed a working routine that’s made you a model of productivity.

Stepping up: laying the foundations for a promotion

By Hamish Williams

With salary increases at historic lows across many industries, many professionals are now looking at a promotion as the logical next step in increasing their earning potential. Easier said than done right? Like pay rises, there’s only so many management positions to go around and the higher you go up the organisational ladder, the harder they are to come by.

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