Always be recruiting, even when you aren’t hiring

By Tudor Marsden-Huggins, Managing Director of Employment Office

With the unemployment rate hovering around the 6% mark, it’s clear there are candidates out there, actively looking for work. 

But speak to any hiring manager and they’ll tell a different story – that good people are hard to find, and the skills shortage we’ve been hearing about for years is a reality reaching crisis point for organisations across the country.

What Australian businesses really think about the future of work

Seventy per cent of Australian business people believe that new technologies will eliminate jobs currently performed by humans at their company, but interestingly 69.38 per cent of the same participants didn’t believe it will be their job that is at risk.

One of Australia’s leading recruitment and HR service providers, Davidson, conducted a national survey of business people from a cross-section of industries and roles to determine exactly what Australian business people really think about the future of work.

Can you keep the bad apples out of your company?

By Gerard McManus 

Is it possible to inoculate businesses from organisational parasites that can destroy value and ultimately the business itself? US-born leadership expert Dr Matt Barney argues there is enormous fertile ground for researchers in organisational behaviour to look to nature for answers on value creation and value destruction.

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