Are you ready for the future of work?

By Laura Pearce at wattsnext

Unless you have a crystal ball, you truly don’t know what the future holds, especially when it comes to business.  However as a result, organisations have become deeply conditioned to just think in 12 month cycles, long term is 3-5 years. Governments look at their term and how to get voted in, over long term policy. We are conditioned to look at the immediate future. Well here is a prediction to start making you think differently; 

Hot desks in the cloud: the opportunities and risks of digital workplaces

By Hamish Williams

Remember when we use to send tiny strips of dead tree to each other to deliver a message? What about those aluminum monoliths with the sliding drawers we used to keep all the tiny slips of dead tree? Some of us in the aged care facility may remember a time when if you weren’t sitting at your desk you were completely uncontactable. How very primitive.

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