If you have a question about the submission of an application for migration assessment with AIM, please read the following frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered here, you can submit an enquiry.

Before I submit my paperwork I'd like an indication if my application will be successful. Do I have to pay the associated fee upfront if I might not be successful?

Yes, all applications must be accompanied by an upfront application fee. AIM employs resources to assess whether applications will be successful or otherwise and this fee covers the administration of the skills assessment unit. As such, it is not possible for AIM to provide you with advice on your application before it is officially received with the associated application fee of AUD$550 (or $AUD750 for an Express application).

I've just finished my management qualification but do not have any practical experience. Will my request for migration assessment be successful and by what criteria is it judged?

The Australian Institute of Management is contracted as an assessing authority by the Australian Government to assess senior management skills for applicants for the purpose of skilled migration to Australia. AIM assesses the categories of:

  • Chief Executive or Managing Director [111111]
  • Corporate General Manager [111211]
  • Sales and Marketing Manager [131112]
  • Advertising Manager [131113]
  • Public Relations Manager [131114]
  • Human Resource Manager [132311]
  • Engineering Manager [133211]
  • Supply and Distribution Manager [133611]
  • Procurement Manager [133612]

Recent graduates are not able to meet the requirements - work experience is essential. Please refer to the Skilled Migration Booklet published by Department of Immigration and Border Protection and Criteria attached to the Migration Skills Assessment form [PDF; 72Kb].

How long does the assessment process take?

The normal assessment process takes up to approximately eight (8) weeks from the time of receipt of the application if no further information or clarification is required. The Express assessment process takes up to approximately four (4) weeks from the time of receipt of the application if no further information or clarification is required. 

Can I be assessed for more than 1 occupation?

No, applicants are required to allocate on the application form the occupation which they wish to be assessed against. Additionally, applicants must provide documentary evidence from work experience and/or educational qualifications to support the chosen occupation. If applicants wish to be assessed against a different occupation, then a new application must be submitted with documentary evidence to support the different occupation.

Are there any helpful hints from the Assessors that I can use when submitting my application?

Yes, please download and read the Skilled Migration Dos and Don'ts Helpful Hints document [PDF; 27Kb].

I have many years experience as a manager but no formal qualifications. Will my request for migration assessment be successful?

Educational qualifications are not mandatory in order to gain a positive skills assessment. Applicants should check the criteria as to the level of management responsibilities required.

Do I have to take an English test as part of my skills assessment with AIM?

No, AIM does not require English language test results as part of the skills assessment process.

I am a member of AIM - does that automatically qualify me for migration assessment?

No. Any grading of experience and education undertaken by any AIM state division for membership does not automatically translate into approval under the skills assessment process for migration. Please read the criteria fully before submitting an application.

Is AIM membership required for assessment?

No, membership of the Australian Institute of Management is not required for assessment purposes but it is recommended for professional development and networking purposes.

What is the management skills assessment fee?

A fee of AUD$550 is payable to the Australian Institute of Management when applying for management skills assessment for the purposes of migration.

If residing in Australia (overseas student or other visa holder), the Goods and Services Tax (GST) of 10% should be added to the fee.

What is the Express Assessment Fee?

The Express Assessment Fee fast-tracks the assessment to be completed within four (4) weeks. If further information is required, AIM is then unable to provide a timeframe for assessment completion.

The Express Assessment Fee is $AUD200.00 (+ GST if applicable) plus the current application fee of $AUD550.00 (+ GST if applicable). The total Express Assessment Fee is therefore $AUD750.00 (+ GST if applicable).

If residing in Australia (overseas student or other visa holder), the Goods and Services Tax (GST) of 10% should be added to the fee.

How should payment be made?

If paying from outside Australia, payment is to be made by bank draft which must nominate an Australian bank through which the payment can be processed. Drafts which nominate non-Australian banks will be returned for replacement.

Please note: Electronic Funds Transfer is not accepted as a method of payment.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes - you can pay for your Management Skills Assessment by credit card. Please complete the Credit Card Authorisation Form and include with your application.

Can I receive a refund on my application fee?

No, your application fee covers the professional and administrative costs of processing and assessing your application. Irrespective of the outcome of your application, the application fee is not refundable.

Can I appeal against the assessment result?

Yes. If you disagree with the assessment outcome decision made by AIM you have two options available. You can:

  • request to have your assessment decision reviewed. Your application for a review of a negative outcome must be lodged within 6 months of the issuing of the original result letter.
  • appeal the decision if your original and/or review applications were both unsuccessful.

For more information visit the Review of Assessment, Appeals & Extensions page here.

What is the difference between skills assessment of management positions through the Australian Institute of Management and those assessed through other organisations such VETASSESS?

AIM is authorised to assess applications for senior managers only. All other management positions are assessed for migration purposes by VETASSESS or other professionally accredited organisations.

Where do I send my application?

Please send your application to:

Management Skills Assessment Unit
Australian Institute of Management
GPO Box 2229
Brisbane QLD 4000 Australia

or courier delivery to:

Management Skills Assessment Unit
Australian Institute of Management
Level 16, 40 Creek Street
Brisbane QLD 4000 Australia

Over what period is my assessment valid?

Assessments carried out by AIM Skills Assessment Unit are valid for two years from the date of the letter of assessment.

How long is the AIM assessment current for?

Successful assessments are valid for a period of two years from the date of issue.

Can I obtain a copy of my assessment?

A copy of 'successful' assessments will be issued only within two years of the original assessment date. If the original assessment was carried out over two years ago no copy will be provided and a new application must be submitted. Please note the copy of the assessment result will be emailed only. No hard copies will be provided.

Can the assessment result letter be extended?

Assessment results can be extended for a maximum of 12 months if the original result has not expired. Applicants wishing to extend their result must complete an Extension Request Form [PDF; 56Kb] and submit it to AIM before the current result expires. All assessment extension requests will incur a non-refundable fee of AUD$80 (plus 10% GST where applicable). Please note if your original assessment result has expired a new application must be submitted.

Please note: If a result letter is required upon expiration of the 12 month extension applicants must submit a new application form.

Do you return my application after assessment?

No, your application will not be returned. Please ensure that only certified true copies of original documents are included with your application.

I don't think I will qualify for skills assessment as a senior manager, but I have another specialty. Are there any other bodies through which I can be assessed for the purposes of migration to Australia?

Yes, please contact the Department of Immigration and Border Protection for further assistance. Please see www.border.gov.au for further information.

Can you advise about Australian visa options?

No, AIM cannot provide advice on Australian visas. Please visit the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website for information at www.border.gov.au.

Please note there are new addresses for AIM Skilled Migration Assessment:

Post: GPO Box 2229, Brisbane QLD 4000, Australia
Courier delivery: Level 16, 40 Creek Street, Brisbane QLD 4000, Australia