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AIM’s range of Short Courses and Qualifications cover a significant breadth and depth of knowledge, allowing people of all disciplines to take advantage of our industry-leading training to not only thrive today, but to seize the future.

To be a business manager in today’s environment demands a varied, versatile, and practiced skillset, across a myriad of domains, such as finance and personnel leadership.

It’s rare for any workplace action to not involve communication of some kind, which is why the best professionals always communicate clearly, concisely, and convincingly.

In the digital era, marketing has been fundamentally disrupted and empowered, making the learning of this new skillset vital across all industries and sectors.

Every person at some point in their career will need to interpret, discuss, or report on economics, so developing financial knowledge is crucial for personal success.

Success means nothing if you’re not there to enjoy it. By committing effort into supporting your health and wellness, you position yourself for a long and happy life.

There is no element of a business with greater potential for determining organisational success than its staff, which is why human resources is such a vital function to develop.

Being a leader is not just an impressive title or the biggest office; it’s a complex and difficult role that only rewards those individuals willing to put in the correct effort.

Professional development is not about being the best; it’s about being the best you that you can be. Hone your personal skillset and take command of your career trajectory.

Organisations live and die by their ability to plan, practice, and complete projects of all magnitudes in a manner that is effective, efficient, and replicable.

To adequately face the many complex challenges of the public sector, individuals require an intimate understanding of the overlapping functions of their organisation.

Today’s average consumer is well-informed and prefers self-service, so a modern salesperson must be able to recognise and address the specific needs of their client.

The modern work environment is defined by constant change, so building a culture that encourages training at all levels is the ideal method for staying relevant forever.


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