Wayne's Success Story

Wayne Bryant could never have imagined where his career would take him after starting as a delivery driver at automotive engineering and parts company Repco more than 25 years ago. From humble beginnings behind the wheel, he has worked his way up the ladder and now drives business success and performance as Executive General Manager of Sales and Operations, overseeing nearly 350 stores instead of a truck full of spares. Find out more on Wayne’s MBA journey here.


Amanda Tingay, Council Manager - AIM Business School MBA Graduate

Studying with AIM and completing my MBA has really taught me about the difference between leadership and management and the ability to reflect on my own leadership.The opportunity to be able to bounce ideas off your colleagues, not only from the theory that we’ve learnt but also in the practical setting has been invaluable. Not to mention the facilitators are fantastic!

Amanda Tingay
Council Manager - AIM Business School MBA Graduate

“The subjects were very real-world and the one thing I enjoyed most about AIM was the fact that the studies were related to actual business scenarios and practices. I’d recommend AIM Business School. I actually have 4 Sales Engineers currently undertaking the program.”

Jeffrey Walker
National Sales Manager – AIM Business School MBA Graduate

“The learning experience at AIM is very practical so I can take what I’ve learnt and apply it immediately in the workplace which is something that is instrumental to my study journey.”

Robert Usher
Logistics Manager - Current MBA Student

“I’d recommend AIM to other people because it provides a range of ways in which you can learn there’s online options, there’s face-to-face, the subject matter experts delivering the information are very skilled and knowledgeable in their areas. It works for people who have got to combine working, full-time or part-time, but a working life as well as trying to study and gain formal qualifications”

Cathy McDonald
CEO – AIM Business School MBA Graduate
Chris Knight, CEO - AIM Business School MBA Graduate

“The MBA I found has been a fantastic tool for me through my career to actually build on the knowledge I have to take my career to new levels.”

Chris Knight
CEO - AIM Business School MBA Graduate


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