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AIM Enrolment Code of Conduct

The Australian Institute of Management has been providing leading business management education right around Australia for more than 75 years. Over that time we’ve developed a reputation for working with both organisations and individuals to identify the right types of training, education and development programs that enable both career progression and organisational success.

As Australia’s economic landscape has evolved, so have our offerings and we pride ourselves on listening to our customers, students and partners across every industry and location to ensure we are delivering the development programs they need, when they need them.

Changes to government funding models in recent years, particularly in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector, have meant that more Australians can now access the qualifications and training they need to build their skillsets and advance in their chosen professions.

The Australian Institute of Management supports all necessary measures by relevant state and federal regulatory bodies to ensure that protections are in place for current and future students and that the vital VET and Tertiary Education sectors meet the standards expected - both in Australia and internationally – for preparing highly skilled graduates.

Our own internal policies require  our employees and our external partners to operate with the highest level of integrity when enrolling individuals into our courses and qualifications. Our enrolment team is trained as part of their induction and are monitored continuously to ensure compliance with all relevant regulatory and internal requirements.

We also ensure our employees are appropriately trained to effectively offer suitable education and training courses and qualifications that align realistically with a prospective student’s career ambitions and expectations. All of AIM’s enrolment teams both internally and within our third party partners must adhere to the following code of conduct. Failure to adhere to this code may result in disciplinary action including termination of employment and termination of contracts.

AIM enrolment code of conduct

All persons employed to enrol students into AIM courses and qualifications must:

  1. Give prospective students honest and accurate information at all times about AIM’s services and the range of training products on its scope of registration, tuition fees and options for payment
  2. If employed through a third party, clearly identify that they are acting on AIM’s behalf and receiving a commission from AIM
  3. Communicate with prospective students in a transparent, open and responsible manner including using clear language to explain our services to prospective students in a way that is easily understood
  4. Take reasonable steps to assist prospective students in making their own decisions independently and without coercion.
  5. Operate within all applicable laws at both state and federal level and in accordance with the guidelines of the VET and Higher Education Regulators
  6. Contact prospective students whose details have been collected in accordance with Australian privacy laws. Likewise, follow processes to ensure they do not contact any person who has indicated they do not wish to be contacted
  7. Make themselves available to answer any questions prospective students have about our services
  8. Require prospective students to undertake a screening process to ensure they are suited to their chosen qualification and have the appropriate literacy and numeracy skills to complete it
  9. If the student wishes to access VET FEE-HELP, provide access to the VET Fee Help booklet with adequate time to review as well as providing detailed advice on fee schedules, census dates and withdrawal, and requesting a VET FEE-HELP loan.
  10. Advise students that active engagement in their course of a study is a requirement for continuing enrolment and that AIM may cancel their enrolment if a student does not show progression in their course.