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Assessment Submission for the Regional Training Centres

Please follow the instructions below to submit your assessment to our Regional Training Centres. We expect all assessment submissions and resubmissions to be made electronically via the below steps. 

Assessment submission instructions

  1. Save all of your documents as electronic files and name them according to the information they contain. Example: SignedThirdPartyReport
  2. Place all of your documentation into one zipped file (AIM does not accept .RAR files)
  3. Name the zip file in the following format: LastName_FirstName_CourseName. Example: SMITH_John_Supervisor in the Resource Sector.
  4. In the ‘Submit Regional Training Centre Assessment’ section below, locate the file you want to submit
  5. In the ‘Description’ section, provide your company name and the title of course this assessment relates to. 
  6. In the ‘Your email’ section, provide the email address that you would like your results to be sent to.
  7. Click ‘Upload’
  8. Wait until you receive notification of “success”. Please be aware that large files may take several minutes to upload. 

By submitting your assessment you are agreeing to the following: I declare that this assessment submission is my own and contains no material written by another person except where due reference is made. I am aware that a false declaration may lead to disciplinary actions.


Please note: For best results uploading your assessment, please use Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 7 and above or Safari browsers. If you do not have access to these browsers please send via email to 

If you have any questions please contact us for Support on 1300 887 185.