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Become a Mentee

Mentoring. Learn from others and reach your goals.

If you're keen to learn from a more experienced individual who can help you achieve your career goals, you'd make an ideal Mentee.

Through the AIM mentoring program, we can match you with a suitable counterpart, taking into account your industry, experience and goals. The best part? Through AIM, you have access to hundreds of potential Mentor matches across the country, from Brisbane to Darwin and beyond.

The 4-month mentoring program provides the opportunity to identify key areas for your career development and the support to work on these.

Mentee Benefits

  • Learn from experienced managers and leaders
  • Develop your business networks
  • Increase your skills and knowledge
  • Gain insight into future planning and self development
  • Develop your professional confidence and your own ability to support others
  • Share new perspectives with other Members
  • Set your goals, visions and values and work towards achieving your objectives
  • Reflect upon your experiences
  • Grow in confidence

Registrations now open

We are currently taking applications for the May/June cohort. Apply now!

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