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A Snapshot of Australian Industry
May 06, 2022

Developing and retaining staff is the number one driver of sustained organisational success. The extended COVID-19 period, however, has dramatically altered how organisations and their staff can access training and development. AIM has sought to find out how the industry has responded to this in the years since, asking Australian organisations what areas of training they prioritise and they want to have it delivered to their workers. Here are the results:

AIM Blog F.U.D. for Thought
February 16, 2022

Whether in marketing, politics, recruiting for a cult, or any other act of persuasion, a commonly used tactic is “fear, uncertainty, and doubt”. This method works to convince people to take a particular course of action (e.g. a purchase) by preying on their worries and anxieties, often through deliberate dissemination of disinformation. The psychology behind this tactic undeniably works, but read this blog to see how it can be used in a more morally upright way.

AIM Blog - To Succeed in 2022, Focus on What You Can Control
January 14, 2022

You can't control the extent of the lockdowns or whether the people around you choose to be vaccinated, but it is important to remember that there is still much within your control. And by focusing on these aspects, you are best able to make positive steps in your career and life.

AIM Blog - 5 Facts and Fictions about the Great Resignation
October 26, 2021

You have probably heard about the Great Resignation. You may have heard it referred to by another name, such as the Big Quit, but the message is the same: people are choosing to leave their current roles in unprecedented numbers. But what is behind this mass exodus? Read on to learn some common facts and fictions about this phenomenon.

AIM Blog - 3 Rules for Building a Value Proposition
September 13, 2021

New salespeople are usually told the importance of developing a value proposition. The problem is that a value proposition isn’t a one-size-fits-all sentence. It’s a collection of reasons why buyers buy that varies from one person to the next. Read on to discover 3 tips for building an effective value proposition.

AIM Blog - The Evolution of Finance
August 24, 2021

Finance incorporates thousands of years of human innovation: barter systems, banking institutions, concepts of credit and debt, physical currency, and the shared belief in the value of a piece of paper. But finance today is driven by digitalisation and data, with finance professionals needing to incorporate modern methods and expand their practice to a more strategic level

AIM Blog The Evolution of Project Management
August 06, 2021

For as long as there have been projects, there has been management of those projects. It is an intrinsic element, rather than something that humans deliberately invented, but that is not to say we haven’t got better at managing our projects. To understand how project management has evolved as a business function is to follow the development and impact of technologies and theories on this field.

AIM Blog The Evolution of Human Resources
July 30, 2021

The specific business function of Human Resource management has only existed for a few decades, and thus this language that we associate with it has a similar age, but as people have always been at the core of work, it is self-evident that the idea of humans as a resource to be managed is ancient. To properly understand the evolution of Human Resources as a business function, we can and should trace it back to antiquity.

AIM Blog The Evolution of Leadership
July 26, 2021

Quality leadership in modern business is not about telling people what to do, how to do it, and when to do it by; it’s about enabling employees to find better, more effective ways of working, ways that suit the individual’s strengths, rather than sticking to business as usual. Read on to see that leadership has evolved to be less about charisma and more about empathy.

AIM Blog The Evolution of Marketing
July 19, 2021

While certain elements of marketing can be traced as far back as humans have engaged in commercial practices, marketing today has evolved into a highly precise practice built on an understanding of human psychology. Read on to learn how advertisements work by appealing to our fundamental wants and needs.