Introducing Management Insider Podcasts (and why you need to hear them)!

Friday, March 14, 2014 - 10:29

AIM Podcast

Guest post by Leon Gettler

This year, the Australian Institute of Management is launching an exciting new podcast. Each month, The Management Insider Conversation…with Leon Gettler and Garry Barker, two experienced journalists with close to 90 years’ experience between them, will tackle key issues confronting managers today: women in leadership, corporate endurance, the value of MBAs and other qualifications, how to network to advance your career, how to deal with absenteeism and more.

The beauty of these podcasts is that they can be listened to at any time: on your computer, on your tablet or phone when you’re in transit. The podcasts combine the immediacy of radio with the insights of management literature, a two-for-one deal. They can be shared, they enable self-paced learning, help develop ICT skills and create a richer learning environment.

Podcasts are a unique way to develop emphasis for anyone training to be a leader. Unlike ordinary audio recordings, they can be accessed anywhere from a computer to a tablet to a phone. This creates greater immediacy for managers who are always on the go.

Podcasts can also generate effective feedback, and increase engagement with a particular scenario or idea. These are the very qualities that structure and deepen learning in the online environment.

But what really sets podcasts apart from other news and information broadcasts is the relatively short length, the clarity of the content, and the fact that they can create a self-paced learning environment. The best podcasts are vivid and arresting, and supplementary to what is covered in traditional classrooms. Also, the material delivered in a podcast should be provocative and should aim to make people think, a critical part in the development of future leaders.

You can listen to our first AIM podcast here or subscribe via iTunes.