Management Article Round-up - October 2014

Monday, October 20, 2014 - 08:45

Catch up on all the latest management, leadership and workplace articles gathered on AIM’s Twitter account last week. For daily updates follow us at

What is Your Level of Positivity? (via @michaelrhopkin)

6 Daily Practices of Effective Managers (via @RobertCordray)

Why You Should Play on Your Strengths–Not Focus on Your Weaknesses (via @lollydaskal)

10 Executive Presence Rules (via @DorothyDalton)

How to Lead Your Team Members – and Learn to Give and Get Criticism (via @tlnt_com)

The Hidden Blessings in a Slow Start (via @michaelhyatt)

How the Right Routines (For You) Help You Show Up at Your Best (via @sbleaders)

The Comparison Trap: How to Enjoy (and Not Envy) the Success of Others (via @99u)

Who’s in Your Corner? (via @entmagazine)

Leading Past the Target (via @starbucker)

Mindfulness in the Workplace is More Than Meditation (via @JesseLynStoner)

5 Ways to Lead Larger (via @mark_sanborn)

Harnessing the Power of Your Biggest Listening Distraction (via @kevineikenberry)

How Would You Work With a Difficult Leader Who Doesn’t Like You? (via @johnmaxwellco)

6 Ways to Sell Yourself, Without Selling Out (via @inc)

How to Survive in an Imperfect Work Environment (via @cbsmoneywatch)

Leading Rookie Talent: A Sizing Guide for Stretch Assignments (via @LeadershipNow)

How to Succeed With SMART Goals (via @workawesome)

9 Ways to Connect With Your Community (via @ducttape)

8 Principles that will Change How You Think about Leadership Presence (via @pattijohnson)

3 Personal Life Plan Tips Most People Miss (via @michaelenichols)

4 Tiny Tweaks to Make Meetings Vastly More Productive (via @fastcompany)

3 Powerful Steps to Stop Self-Doubt From Holding You Back in Life (via @positivityblog)

5 Ways to Give Your Culture a Helping Hand (via @thoughtLEADERS)