Right here, right now – why there’s never been a better time to get qualified

Thursday, September 24, 2015 - 09:59

With the rising popularity of vocational education and training (VET) qualifications you might have wondered whether they’re the right fit for your career. With a greater choice of subjects, flexible study options and course material that can be applied immediately to your current role, there’s never been a better time to explore these study programs. But if you’re still stuck on the fence and can’t decide if they’re really for you, here are three great reasons to consider getting started on a VET qualification today.

1. There’s no such thing as being over-qualified.

If you’re in the thick of searching for a new role, you might have heard the tired recruiter spiel of ‘sorry, you’re too qualified for the role’. There’s nothing worse than knowing you have everything to give but not being given the chance to prove it. Can you really be too qualified for the job? We say no! Not if you have the right qualification. 
Being qualified means you have more to contribute, so whether you’re switching roles or staying where you are, a qualification will broaden your range of thinking and open your eyes to new ways of doing things, making you much more valuable to your current or potential employer.
You’ll also be a breeze to train because greater understanding of how business works and best practice methods for your role meaning you’ll be much more self-sufficient. That’s going to impress your employer, colleagues and even yourself – don’t underestimate the confidence boosting powers of a qualification.

2. You’re making the choice to formally back yourself

We’re great believers in work experience and learning on the job. It’s the experience of our facilitators that gives our qualifications the depth they need to make our study experience so engaging, but how do you as an individual prove you have the experience without the piece of paper to match it? 
OK, we get it, understanding Pythagoras theorem isn’t going to get you to CEO, but if you can prove through a qualification that you have the specific skillsets needed to perform well, with the right balance of theory and actual practice, you’re onto a winner. 
Employers want to know that you have the smarts and drive to achieve a Diploma, while also seeing you have the practical skills to hit the ground running. So choosing a qualification where you can apply what you learn to real workplace scenarios is the best way to demonstrate you can walk the talk. AIM’s qualifications are completed through practical assessments which means you can apply your knowledge to your career straight away.

3. Learn how you want and when you want.

If it’s your qualification, you’re in the driving seat, right? Not always. With many qualifications, you might find that your only option for study involves giving up evenings or weekends, working to tight deadlines and saving every spare penny to pay for course costs. “Sorry, I’m not available until January 26, 2022. I’m working through a Diploma”. No, thank you. 
In today’s busy world, qualifications need to be flexible which is why we’ve made our programs more accessible than ever. With campuses in every major city as well as our online study options, you can enroll at any time and develop a study schedule that suits you, not us. And with VET-FEE HELP and flexible payment plans, we’ve provided everything you need to take control and study on your terms.

So what’s holding you back from getting the qualification you need to turbo-charge your career? There has simply never been a better time to study than in 2015 so the question you should be asking yourself is “when can I start?” The answer is today.

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