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Weekly Article Round-up

Monday, April 21, 2014 - 09:14

Need something to read over your morning cup of coffee? Start with these management and leadership articles, gathered from AIM’s Twitter at

Going Flat: The Re-imagined Organization (via @mgissues 

Lead at Your Best ((via @McKinsey 

The Worst Thing Any Leader Can Do to High Performers (via @forbes)

10 Tips For Young Entrepreneurs (via @KyleClaytonGore 

John Kotter’s Plan to Accelerate Your Business (via @HBSWK 

3 Foundational Qualities of All Great Leaders (via @intuitquickbase 

Will France’s ‘Right of Disconnecting’ Actually Work? (via @hrmagazine 

When Appreciation Isn’t Appreciated (via @LifeIsntBroken

Traits of a Motivated Leader (via @DanielGolemanEI 

The Delicate Art of Persuading Your Boss (via @LetsGrowLeaders

Why Self Awareness is an Underrated Leadership Competency (via @mtmagau)

What Every Leader Should Know About Organization Culture (via @leadchangegroup)

How to be Confident When Facing the Unknown (via @ExecRoundtable 

The Worst Advice I Ever Got: Insights From 27 Different Marketers (via @hubspot) 

Stop Delaying: 3 Surefire Ways to Do Employee Reviews Properly (via @entmagazine) 

From the ‘Grabber’ to the ‘Closer’: 7 Steps to Giving a Persuasive Presentation (via @brw) 

Always Communicate the Why (via @GeorgeAmbler 

7 Essential Keys to Finding Fulfillment at Work (via @lifehackorg 

7 Brand Building Principles of the Best Brands (via @SkipPrichard

5 Tips for Powerful Audience Participation (via @fastcompany