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Gold Card Courses

Leveraging more than 76 years of experience and expertise in management and leadership education, AIM has developed a market-leading suite of more than 70 short courses that we offer year-round, right across Australia. AIM is a national leader at efficient upskilling and training across a broad range of subject areas, including Leadership & Management, Project Management, Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, and Professional Development, and we are constantly updating and evolving our portfolio to meet industry needs. With all the following courses being available for free as part of your Gold Card, their value is unbeatable.


Advanced Communication (On-Campus/Online)

Empower yourself with the critical thinking skills to build compelling arguments, engage others, and present your ideas with influence and impact.

Advanced Presentation Skills (On-Campus)

Learn to apply the principles of persuasion and connection to develop and deliver influential presentations.

Assertiveness Techniques (On-Campus)

Gain personal insight into the way you respond to different people, situation, and events, as well as the tools to effectively express your views.

Develop a Compelling Business Case (On-Campus)

Learn a step-by-step approach to putting together a strong business case, from analysing the variables (timelines, costs, risks vs return) to an implementation plan.

Effective Business Writing (On-Campus/Online)

Write structured, high quality, and engaging workplace documents using these practical tools and techniques.

Effective Communication (On-Campus/Online)

Explore a range of proven communication strategies to confidently and clearly express your opinions inside and outside the workplace.

Manage Meetings (On-Campus)

Maximise your time through this course, which will teach you how to identify the purpose of your meeting, whether it will be beneficial, and when, how, and where to schedule it.

Negotiating Skills (On-Campus)

Utilise proven negotiation techniques to persuade others to the strength of your argument and develop techniques for dealing with conflict or deadlocks.

Professional Presentations (On-Campus)

Develop the skills required to plan and deliver effective presentations, using a range of tools and techniques in presentation construction, communication, and audience engagement.

Report Writing (On-Campus)

The Report Writing short course provides you with techniques to create reports and informative documents that are well organised and clearly presented.

The Power of Influence (On-Campus)

Identify your preferred influencing style and develop the skills that shape opinion, build credibility in the workplace, and positively influence people to achieve goals, including those over whom you have no authority.

Writing Persuasive Documents (On-Campus)

Exploring a range of techniques and styles, you'll gain the talent for producing compelling and influential copy that engages audiences and inspires action.

Digital Marketing

Customer Journey Mapping Bootcamp (On-Campus)

Learn how successful digital transformation involves being customer centric, agile, and data-driven, with technology showing the path but not setting the direction.

Digital Marketing for Non-Marketers (On-Campus)

Suitable for those in both marketing and non-marketing roles, this course will equip participants with practical techniques that will greatly simplify digital marketing.

How Google Analytics Delivers Actionable Data Insights (On-Campus)

Upon taking the Google Analytics Delivers Actionable Data Insights course you’ll be able to pull the data you need to make actionable data insights. 

The Power of SEO and Content Marketing (On-Campus)

Ensure you’re able to hold your own in any SEO or Content conversation and help participate in your organisation's SEO and Content strategy.


Finance for Non-Finance Managers (On-Campus/Online)

Make better informed fiscal decisions by learning all aspects of financial management from planning through to budget review and reporting on financial outcomes.

Finance Fundamentals (On-Campus)

Understand the fundamentals of finance such as interpreting financial reports, recognising the impact of financial strategies, and communicating effectively with finance professionals.

Introduction to Accounting (On-Campus/Online)

Learn key accounting concepts and terminology, the legislative reporting requirements, and how to interpret financial data to make business recommendations.

Manage Budgets (On-Campus)

Explore key concepts in budgetary planning, implementation, and management, covering all aspects of managing team budgets and financial plans.

Human Resources

Create Strategic Human Resource Plans (On-Campus/Online)

Address how to implement a strategic approach to planning and manage human resources in a way that integrates and aligns with organisational objectives.

HR Essentials (On-Campus)

Gain the fundamental knowledge to manage all aspects of the employee lifecycle: the foundations of talent strategy, performance, workforce planning, learning and development, policies, regulations, and standards.

Recruitment and Selection (On-Campus)

Designed to ensure you retain key talent, gain the knowledge and techniques to conduct job analysis, implement candidate attraction strategies, effectively assess candidates, and make informed selection choices.

Workforce Planning (On-Campus)

Effectively evaluate and forecast your organisation's ongoing needs by profiling your workplace, analysing supply and demand, and devising strategies to minimise workforce gaps.

Workforce Relations (On-Campus)

Equip yourself with the skills, knowledge, and credibility to manage complex workplace issues. Combine the legal context of business management with the human face of people leadership to effectively manage workforce relations.

Workplace Diversity (On-Campus/Online)

Through an honest exploration of the opportunities and challenges inherent to Australia's diverse workplace populations, learn what needs to be overcome to create a truly inclusive workplace.

Leadership & Management

Building Team Performance (On-Campus)

Gain the skills to develop a performance-based culture through the application of practical tools and strategies, resulting in more-engaged employees who are aligned on achieving team goals, meeting performance standards, and working collaboratively.

Change Management (On-Campus)

Understand the various types of change that affect your organisation and apply different models of change in the context of your business. Learn to plan, prepare, and implement change with the tools to effectively resolve resistance to the change process.

Coaching and Mentoring (On-Campus)

Discover how to provide constructive feedback while maintaining trust, using proven approaches that incorporate emotional intelligence and strong interpersonal skills, and create a coaching culture where insight and experience is shared readily.

Conflict Resolution (On-Campus)

Explore the factors that drive conflict and the skills required to effectively intervene with a pragmatic approach that facilitates positive outcomes.

Contract Management (On-Campus)

This practical guide to managing contracts will explore the entire contract lifestyle and give insight into fostering sustainable relationships with suppliers, monitor the performance of suppliers, manage risk, and resolve disagreements more effectively.

Design Thinking: Transform how you Create and Innovate (On-Campus)

Combine the traditional internal focus on your organisation’s linear objectives and business metrics with an outward creative focus that challenges assumptions and redefines problems to deliver better business outcomes.

Effective Workplace Relationships (On-Campus)

Focusing on communication and behaviour, this course teaches strategies to build interpersonal skills, be more responsive to others, and foster positive workplace relationships.

Frontline Leadership (On-Campus)

Explore the critical leadership skills needed to get things done, such as identifying your leadership style, adapting your approach to suit different needs and situations, and translating organisation vision into achievable goals for your team.

Implementing Innovation and Continuous Improvements (On-Campus/Online)

Harness skills in innovative thinking, as well as identifying, analysing, and driving opportunities for organisational improvement.

Leading with Emotional Intelligence (On-Campus)

Discover how harnessing your own emotions and those of others can enhance decision-making, improve behaviour, and facilitate high performance, both in work and personal lives.

Manage Business Effectively (On-Campus/Online)

Whether corporate, government, industry, or not-for-profit, this course provides managers with the end-to-end processes needed to successfully deliver results while managing operations and driving continuous improvement.

Manage Innovation and Continuous Improvement (On-Campus/Online)

Combining the freedom of creativity with the discipline of due process, discover the skills, knowledge, and insight to effectively take the lead in using innovation to realise business outcomes.

Manage People Effectively (On-Campus/Online)

Learn how to best engage your staff, create meaningful relationships, and facilitate team cohesion by using emotional intelligence in your leadership communication and behaviour.

Manage Performance Effectively (On-Campus/Online)

Learn proven techniques for driving performance and consistently delivering results. Recognising that performance sometimes slips, you’ll also gain insight and tools to positively and proactively manage diminished performance.

Mindfulness: Raise Your Leadership Effectiveness (On-Campus)

In the business age of frantic schedules, busy meetings, lack of real resources, high internal stress, and external pressures, how do you thrive rather than just survive? This course will lay the foundations for improving your focus and bringing back your power.

New Supervisor (Online)

This online short course provides you with the foundational knowledge and skills to effectively make the transition from teammate to leader, focusing on effective communication, team performance and workplace relationship management.

Operational Planning (On-Campus/Online)

By providing you with the skills to develop the plan, acquire resources, monitor progress, and evaluate operational performance, this course will make you an expert at developing and implementing operational plans.

People Leadership (On-Campus/Online)

Through the recognition that management seniority is not just about commercial accountability, discover how to become a trusted organisational figurehead who can lead and develop the workforce during times of both stability and change.

Performance Management (On-Campus)

From the setting of goals and allocation of work through to performance reviews and recognition, you will learn the skills you need to drive a performance culture and proactively address issues of diminished performance.

Risk Management (On-Campus/Online)

Be guided on how to create, implement, and evaluate a risk management strategy that supports your organisation's objective and ensures the minimisation of risk.

Strategic Leadership (On-Campus/Online)

By gaining the practical tools and techniques you need to plan and deliver strategic outcomes, you'll learn how to create realistic yet ambitious plans that support the growth and financial sustainability of your organisation.

Workplace Safety (On-Campus/Online)

Learn strategies for promoting awareness and cooperation among staff and gain the tools to create and implement an effective and sustainable work health and safety framework in your workplace.

Professional Development

Business Networking (On-Campus/Online)        

Gain essential insight into the art of creating and maintaining strong and far reaching business networks. This course explores identifying appropriate networks, network participation, and personal networking competencies.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving (On-Campus)

Strengthen your ability to objectively analyse and evaluate issues, learn proven tools and techniques to identify and respond to challenges, and gain practical guidance on how to implement these skills in your workplace.

Dealing with Difficult Behaviours (On-Campus)

Develop as a proficient communicator adept in dealing with challenging personalities, equip yourself with the tools to mitigate conflict through mutually beneficial resolutions, and gain the courage to have difficult conversations in the workplace.

Resilience in Self (On-Campus)

Uncover skills and techniques to utilise your strengths and recover from problems and challenges, allowing you to be emotionally resilient to stress, changes at work, and to life’s challenges in general. 

Time Management (On-Campus)

Empower yourself with strategies to take back control of your time by better analysing workloads, prioritising tasks, and overcoming procrastination. Effective time management also reduces stress and increases confidence.

Work Priorities (On-Campus/Online)

This course provides you with practical tools and techniques to set meaningful goals and realistic plans to achieve them. It shows you how to manage pressures, organise work commitments, and improve your productivity.

Project Management

Applied Project Management (On-Campus/Online)

This three-day course provides a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the project management lifecycle, from initiation and planning through to execution and closure, and is aligned to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBok) industry competency standards.

Introduction to Projects (On-Campus)

Covering all phases of the project lifecycle, you’ll gain insight into project planning, budget preparation, stakeholder management, schedule management, and project closure and review.

Project Management Fundamentals (On-Campus/Online)

This course is designed to provide you with practical, up-to-date perspective of the basics of project management and how you can use them to manage a variety of common business, and life, projects.


Consultative Sales Excellence (On-Campus)

This program introduces the strategies and tactics that are the foundation of successful selling, and the key selling skills you need to lead a conversation from “hello” to “let’s go”.

High Performance Sales Coaching (On-Campus)

This course teaches sales leaders how to help sellers and professionals achieve their greatest sales potential and get the most out of each sales opportunity.

Insight Selling (On-Campus)

Learn how to create conversations based on ideas, inspire with insights, and set yourself and your company apart from the pack. Today's top sellers don't just sell the value of their products and services, they become the value.

Key Account Management (On-Campus)

Discover how to identify and create new opportunities within your accounts, develop enterprise-level relationships, and protect accounts against competitors by learning how to turn account growth opportunity into account growth reality.

Masterful Sales Prospecting (On-Campus)

Through a thorough training of how to set appointments using a modern, multi-mode, multi-touch, value based outreach methodology, this course will help you to develop and implement a prospecting sequence that consistently generates meetings.

Training and Assessment

Train the Trainer (On-Campus)

Develop the skills and knowledge to plan and present interactive and effective training sessions. Learn to analyse learning needs, structure and deliver workshops, and design engaging workshop materials through practical application.