Tailor your degree to fit your life

Designed with maximum flexibility, MBA+ lets you learn your way. Study fully online or in a blended mode of online and on-campus. AIM is committed to guided learning, providing an intuitive education experience that suits the schedule of the working professional. Real world assessments support theoretical knowledge with practical, industry applications, not exams.

Introducing the MBA+ Experience

Gain the most out of your studies by embracing a rich learning environment with your cohort of peers and experienced facilitators. Get more from your Master’s.

Flexible live learning

Guided learning

AIM is committed to ensuring that our students always know exactly what work they need to do and how much time they should set aside to complete it.

Experience faculty

Flexible study

Learn in a way that best works for you. Study fully online or in a blended mode of online and on-campus. The choice is yours.

No exams

No exams

Our assessments are grounded in the real world. Theoretical knowledge is augmented by practical, industry applications, not exams.


Start monthly

National presence

We have national study lounges in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra ensuring you have a place to call home, away from home.

Recognise previous learning

Start bimonthly

Our MBA+ works around your schedule with intakes every two months meaning you don’t have to wait for the next semester intake.

Stage-by-stage MBA


Access Support Services such as online academic support, study resources, Lynda.com, personalised support and more.


Flexible Delivery Modes

AIM Business School provides two different modes of study to suit the specific needs and schedules of our students: a fully online mode and a blended mode of online and in-person study. For online students, there will be 4 webinars each unit to cover the most significant topics of the subject. For blended students, there will be 4 drop-in sessions held at AIM campuses located in major cities across Australia.

Intuitive and Guided Learning

The MBA+ was designed to adhere to principles of microlearning, which pedagogical research has determined to be the most effective and efficient teaching method for knowledge retention, especially among part-time students whose time must be divided by a variety of responsibilities.

This delivery model is primarily characterised by:

  • Short, digestible learning periods, ideally no longer than 20 minutes
  • A variety of modes of learning, including written, visual, auditory, and interactive, to support engagement with the content
  • Repetition of information to deepen understanding and improve recall

7 + 1 Model

AIM Business School utilises a 7+1 model where every unit is delivered over an 8-week period with a study break in the middle, which is how our MBA+ is attainable in only two years of part-time study.

To streamline our students’ experience, each unit module follows the same uniform layout across the entire degree. Every task for the week is laid out in a linear and logical manner with the expected time that it will take to complete each of these tasks explicitly stated.

Our Learning Management System, myABS, has been optimised for mobile format to encourage students to engage in their education when and where it best suits them. We have included a clearly marked “how-to” section that has relevant guides on writing, navigating the website, and how to enrol in the next unit.


The MBA+ Experience

Wayne Bryant could never have imagined where his career would take him after starting as a delivery driver at automotive engineering and parts company Repco more than 25 years ago. From humble beginnings behind the wheel, he has worked his way up the ladder and now drives business success and performance as Executive General Manager of Sales and Operations, overseeing nearly 350 stores instead of a truck full of spares. Find out more on Wayne’s MBA journey.