The 70:20:10 model of learning and professional development

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

New and old research concludes that better management practices will significantly improve an organisation’s outcomes – improving its productivity, efficiency, profitability and staff retention. AIM is delighted to offer Corporate Member access to more products, services and tools to train and develop their staff. Under AIM Corporate’s new 70:20:10 offering, each aspect of Membership is tailored to a professional development outcome.  

The 70:20:10 model of learning and development incorporates three types of learning: workplace, peer-to-peer (social) and formal.  AIM Corporate Membership supports this model with the following offering:

Workplace/On the Job Development (70%)

  • AIM Analytics & Assessment Tools. This includes access to the DiSC behavioural profiling tool for Corporate Member staff and a complementary assessment of management capability with AIM’s Organisation Capability Benchmarking tool.

  • Leadership Direct. Available to Corporate Select Members, this is a ‘just in time’ online platform for all management needs. Includes leader videos, infographics and online learning journeys.

  • National Salary Survey. Available to Corporate Select Members, this is Australia’s longest running and most reliable salary benchmarking tool. Includes strategies to reduce staff turnover.

  • Thought Leadership and Publications. AIM’s range of hardcopy and online publications are designed to offer insight on workplace management and leadership. 

Peer-to-Peer Development (20%)

  • Professional Development Workshops. Available to Corporate Member staff in 2017 will be complementary workshops on specific management skills. These will be designed to put the theory into practice with interesting speakers and problem solving tasks.

  • Management Diagnostic Tools. AIM’s range of diagnostic and evaluation tools available at discounted Member rates will help identify management strengths and weaknesses, help with self-awareness, improve communication and improve leadership effectiveness.

  • AIM Events. Corporate Member staff can attend AIM’s exclusive events for Member prices. This includes The Great Debate, International Women’s Day, the AIM Conference and the range of TEL Talks throughout the year.

  • Member Exchange. Corporate Member staff can join AIM’s National Mentoring program, as a mentor or mentee for half price ($150pp). This also includes AIM Professional Membership for the participant.

AIM Education & Training (10%)

  • Member discounts to training and education. Staff of Corporate Members can access hundreds of short courses and qualifications at Member discounted prices.

  • Training Vouchers. Use your vouchers on Short & Open Programs to invest in your staff and improve capability.

The AIM Corporate package is a full service offering that will support staff members to grow, learn and achieve using the 70:20:10 development model. For more information, please contact Jason Goodall on 02 9956 3032 or email