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10 Feb 2016

Welcome to the second edition of Leading Edge, AIM’s monthly Member newsletter. I’m delighted to welcome you on behalf of the AIM Emerging Leaders Board of which I’ve been the Chair for the past two years.

14 Jan 2016

We’re always excited about tackling the big issues here at AIM. Our new interview series ‘On the Couch’ features AIM Chief Executive, David Pich discussing a wide variety of issues with some of Australia’s most respected managers and leaders.

12 Jan 2016

At AIM, we're excited about the year ahead. With a new year often comes a fresh perspective and resolutions to reach new heights.

12 Jan 2016

Men and Women – Equal at Last. Whether you agree or disagree with the topic, one thing is for sure - this year’s International Women’s Day Great Debate is shaping up as a not-to-be-missed event on the corporate social calendar once again. 

11 Jan 2016

Leaders and managers cast long shadows over their organisations and employees – so how can you build a culture of success in your workplace?

11 Jan 2016

Ready … set …go! AIM is back and we’re bigger, stronger and more focused on leadership than ever. Welcome to 2016. I’d like to wish all our Members from all over Australia - and beyond - a very happy New Year. 

11 Dec 2015

All AIM Members have access to our extensive library of online and hard copy resources. Our National Library Manager, Mary Lou Merven, has pulled together some useful self-management articles and ebooks which you can download by logging on through the member portal.

2 Dec 2015

I would like to wish all of AIM’s Members in all States and Territories and wherever you are in the world a very happy and enjoyable Festive Season.

25 Nov 2015

As part of our regular series where we introduce the AIM Emerging Leaders Board, we recently sat down for a chat with Rob Soros to hear how he got involved with AIM and what role he believes AIM can play in the careers of Australia's managers and leaders.

25 Nov 2015

We understand the multitude of challenges that Australian managers face in a fast-paced and dynamic business world.