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AIM High Summit – AIM's national conference for AIM members returns in 2015

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

For more than 75 years, AIM has provided Australia's managers and leaders with unique opportunities for gaining cutting edge leadership knowledge while networking with like-minded professionals.

The first embryo of today’s Institute, then known as the Melbourne Technical College Foremanship Association, was formed in 1938 with these goals in mind and after great initial success, its founders resolved to form a fully-fledged institute.

As branches of the Institute permeated into various states, territories and localities over the next decade, a National Council was formed to determine the initiatives that would best serve Member’s needs.

In 1950, a survey amongst the Divisions of AIM concluded that as many of the programs offered by the Institute were also offered by other providers, special programs should be created, specifically tailored to the unique needs of senior managers.

The most ambitious of these was the National Top Management Convention, organised by the Adelaide Division and taking place over three days in September of 1949.

Almost two hundred delegates attended the convention, the objectives of which were to emphasise the national importance of sound management and to enable some of the current problems and trends in management to be discussed on the broadest possible basis.

The National Convention proved an extremely popular event with Members as it was an invaluable opportunity to gain the latest management insights while meeting with other AIM Members from around Australia.

While the National Convention in its original form was discontinued decades ago, similar smaller events have taken place in various forms but none with the ambition and purpose of the National Convention until now.

We are pleased to announce as part of AIM’s commitment to our valued Members, we will be reinstating an annual national event known as the AIM High Summit.

The inaugural AIM High Summit will take place this year on Friday 16 October in Melbourne and extensive planning is underway to create a truly one of a kind experience for our Members.

International keynote speakers and industry experts will host workshops and panel discussions on topics such as innovation, organisational excellence and leadership.

Attendees will be given the opportunity to plan their day around those sessions which will have the greatest value for their own career and organisations.

AIM is excited to be bringing this unique event to our Members in 2015 and we will be rolling out announcements of the various speakers in attendance as they are confirmed.

Stay tuned for more news on this exciting initiative from your AIM.