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Connect and grow with AIM Member Exchange – AIM’s Mentoring Program

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Developing leaders across every stage of their career journey requires varying forms of professional development and few are as rewarding as mentoring.

AIM is uniquely placed to provide a conduit for enabling Members to build their capability, achieve their vision and ultimately meet their potential, regardless of their demographic or at what stage they are at on their career journey. 

AIM’s mentoring program has been offered for the past 18 months and to ensure the ongoing effectiveness of any program such as this, review is an essential part of the process.

Recently we’ve enhanced the support that we provide to both Mentors and Mentees through:

  • an enhanced mentoring resource booklet
  • webinars for launching mentoring cohorts
  • monthly email support with articles on professional and personal development

We’ve also given the program a title that more accurately reflects its key benefit: Member Exchange. 

We believe that the exchange of knowledge and experience between Members, can have a lasting impact on their management and leadership abilities, leading to better managers, better leaders, for a better society.

AIM needs you! AIM is currently seeking Mentors with a group of Mentees eager to commence in the coming weeks.

For experienced managers, leveraging the deep knowledge and wisdom that they possess through mentoring others is a rewarding process. For those that are interested in mentoring, Member Exchange will provide the opportunity to give back to their profession, by helping like-minded individuals reach their own career goals.

Help us to shape the future of leadership in Australia through AIM Member Exchange.

Send your resume to to become a mentor today.