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Youngest ever Fellow responsible for some of Australia’s most loved household names

Friday, October 3, 2014

High-achieving Australian businessman A. Donald Glover FAIM was a man before his time. Born in Leongatha, in Victoria on December 2 in 1924, Mr Glover served in the Royal Australian Air Force as a pilot in Canada and Australia and went on to introduce some of Australia’s most loved products into the nation’s households.

Known to his family and friends simply as Don, Mr Glover identified and revolutionised many trends in the Australian consumer market and in doing so earned the respect of the nation’s most respected business leaders.

Brands like Vicks, Birds Eye, Continental and Oil of Ulan were all woven into Australia’s lifestyles by Mr Glover’s razor-sharp mind and considered himself a marketer first and foremost according to his son David.

Mr Glover’s brilliance was evident early and it earned him a scholarship to attend Melbourne Grammar and also led him to the Australian Institute of Management where he joined on 11 November 1958 and earned Fellowship aged 34, a remarkable feat.

At the conclusion of the war, Mr Glover joined Lever Brothers as a salesman in Melbourne and was quickly promoted through the ranks with relocation to Sydney where he promptly negotiated a deal with Australian media baron Sir Frank Packer to purchase the advertising rights for the cover of Australian Women's Weekly first edition.

In 1953, he was employed by Vicks Chemical Company (makers of Vicks Vaporub, cough drops and Formula 44) and 12 months later moved to New York with the company and back to Sydney in 1956 to officially launch Vick Products Pty Ltd in Australia.

In 1967, he was back in New York to fill the role of Vice President and Regional Director, responsible for Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands and Asia, and after two years of bi-monthly commuting to Sydney, convinced the company to set up headquarters in Chatswood.

In 1973, he graduated from Harvard Business School's Advanced Management Program and then oversaw the company's expansion into India, Pakistan, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia and Korea.

In addition to his stellar corporate career, Mr Glover was an invaluable member of his community and acted as Proprietary Association of Australia’s President.

Mr Glover maintained AIM Membership for 55 years and he passed away peacefully on Wednesday 30 July.