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To achieve our goals as AstraZeneca we need to continuously invest in our personal development, build the capabilities and skills we will need in the future and foster a culture that supports and inspires each and every one of us to continuously learn and grow. This will truly make AstraZeneca a Great Place to Work.

It’s down to us both individually and collectively to build this.

Our partnership with the Australian Institute of Management (AIM) offers our employees in Australia the opportunity to support their individual development needs and network with other organisations.



Once you have an agreed Individual Development Plan (IDP) approved , and the support of your manager please feel free to visit the AIM directory to understand their offerings and book direct under our Corporate Membership rate.  All costs should be covered by the employees cost centre.

( * Please note WA employees will not be eligible for a corporate rate)

Take time to consider what comes next in your career and your development, think how you want to develop and grow, be the best you can be and help those around you do the same. Let’s build the culture we need to achieve our bold ambition.

To discuss further, please contact your manager

Watch the AIM Manifesto featuring some of Australia’s most iconic leaders and managers.