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Welcome to AIM! Here's how to book your course

The Blood Service is committed to supporting the development of staff and runs a suite of online development programs specific to the needs of the organisation. We also, from time to time, provide face-to-face workshops with our own specialised trainers or through preferred external providers. 


Accessing AIM Courses

We understand that there are some circumstances when a face to face course is the best fit for your development.

If you know your need and the Blood Service online resources do not meet your need, please review the following list of selected AIM programs.

How do I enrol onto AIM courses?

To ensure the Blood Service maximises our partnership with AIM, we have a sole contact at AIM who is available to assist you:

Janet Kavita Dir: 02 9956 3016


What to do before contacting AIM

  1. Gain manager approval for course you wish to attend
  2. If direct manager and cost centre manager are different, ensure necessary approvals are gained
  3. If the cost of the course is below $1,000 (including GST) a credit card may be used for payment.

If the cost is greater than $1,000 you will need to order a Purchase Order PRIOR to calling Janet, as you will need to quote Janet the purchase order number at the time of enrolment.

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Sales & Marketing
Public Sector
Qualification Summary
Professional Development
AIM Business School
All available course areas are highlighted in BLUE.
For more information please contact your HR Manager
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