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Mitsubishi Motors Australia is commetted to supporting the development of its staff in alignment with Mitsubishi Motors Australia's training strategy.  As part of this commitent we have partnerered with the Australian Institute of Managmeent (AIM) to provide you with a range of training programs specifically selected to support the development of Mitsubishi Motores Australia's training, management and leadership capability.

The Australian Institute of Management began in 1941 with a vision to help managers unlock their career potential in the ever changing business environment.  For almost 75 years, 10 offices and 12,000 members later, AIM is at the forefront of leadership and development solutions in Australia.  Our members range from emerging managers starting off in their careers to those who hold board positions.  They work across wide-ranging disciplines, industries, organisations and locations. 



AIM offers over 80 short courses and 24 management qualifications in 11 locations around the country.

Accessing AIM Courses

We understand that there are some circumstances when a face to face course is the best fit for your development.

Each TILE to the right will take you to an overview of courses under each category.

To ensure that Mitsubishi Motors Australia maximises our partnership with AIM, All training requests  must be booked via

P:  02 9956 3912 

What to do before contacting Mitsubishi Motors Australia HR Department

  1. Gain manager approval for course you wish to attend
  2. If direct manager and cost centre manager are different, ensure necessary approvals are gained 

A Course for your Team:

When there are 5 or more people interested in the same program, AIM can organise to run the program in-house(customised courses) at a location that best suits you.

To discuss further, please email

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