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SUPER PARTNERS  is committed to supporting the development of its staff in alignment with SUPER PARTNERS leadership development strategy. As part of this commitment we have partnered with the Australian Institute of Management (AIM) to provide you with a range of training programs specifically selected to support the development of SUPER PARTNERS ,training, management and leadership capability.

We understand that there are some circumstances when a face to face course is the best fit for your development.

If you know your needs and the SUPER PARTNERS online resources do not meet your needs, please review the following list of selected AIM programs.

The AIM Training Centre (20/380 Latrobe st Melbourne) offers over 80 training programs and study towards any one of 24 management qualifications. To enroll in an AIM program, please click on the link to the right to search and select the course information page. From here you can register your enrolment as a member to activate the member discount. Please ensure that you have your details including cost centre.

What to do before contacting AIM

  1. Gain manager approval for course you wish to attend
  2. If direct manager and cost centre manager are different, ensure necessary approvals are gained

How do I enrol onto AIM courses?

To ensure that AS maximises our partnership with AIM, we have a sole contact at AIM who is available to assist you:

Geordie Weber: 02 9956 3013



To enquire about running a course for your team, please call Linda Nguyen (your dedicated account manager) on 03 9536 3221 or email


Qualification Summary
Watch the AIM Manifesto featuring some of Australia’s most iconic leaders and managers.