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Contacting AIM

If you have any queries regarding course options, or to enrol into the course of your choice, please contact AIM via the dedicated DJR email address One of the AIM Specialist Consultants will then respond to your enquiry as a matter of urgency

Upon completion of the Project Management Excellence (PME) Foundation training, you have the option of two Project Management Qualification pathways:

  • Certificate IV in Project Management Practice
  • Diploma of Project Management.

An overview of your course and assessment options is outlined below, and additional information can be sourced by via the student handbook.


  • All pathway options require you to have completed PME Foundation training.
  • All fees are in addition to the PME Foundation fee.
  • All Certificate IV in Project Management assessments are due 12 day 3 of the PME Foundations course in the pathway option with AIM.
  • All Diploma of Project Management assessments are due from day 2 of the Project Management Practitioner Open Program in the pathway option with AIM.
Qualification Overview Duration and upcoming dates Fee (AIM)
BSB41515 Certificate IV in Project Management Practice Providing a broad exploration of project management best practice, this qualification aims to give you an understanding of all aspects of the project management lifecycle which includes initiating the project, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling and closing the project. Assessment only. $1,485
BSB51415 Diploma of Project Management This nationally recognised qualification will equip you with a broad range of skills required to plan, lead and execute the end-to-end delivery of projects. It is endorsed by the Australian Institute of Project Management, ensuring you are on the best possible path to a successful and enduring career in project management. Requires attending the final two days of Project Management Practitioner plus Assessment.

15 -16 February 2018
24 - 25 May 2018
13 - 14 September 2018
13 - 14 December 2018

Course $1,620 + Assessment $1,985

*Course delivery dates may be subject to change.

Things to consider before you contact AIM for enrolment

To enrol into the pathway course of your choice, you must first:

  • select the qualification pathway that suits you and identify the next scheduled workshop you would like to attend.
  • have your manager provide approval and obtain a purchase order number or authorised corporate card payment. You also have the option of self-funding the course.
  • contact the AIM Specialist Consultants at

How the day will be conducted

  • The day will consist of 3 role play sessions: 9.00-10.45am, 11.00-1.00pm and 2.00-4.30pm.
  • Each role play session will involve each student leading a cluster of back-to-back role plays, 4 in the first session, 8 in the second session and 6 in the third session, i.e. all 18 role plays in the one day.
  • The first role play session comprises the four Initiation Stage role plays: Scope 1/3, Governance 1/2 and 2/2, Continuous Improvement 1/1
  • The second role play session the eight Planning Stage role plays: Scope 2/3, Time 1/3, Quality 1/1, Cost 1/1,HR 1/2, Stakeholder Engagement 1/2 and 2/2, Integration 1/3
  • The third role play session the four Execution Stage role plays: Scope 3/3, Time 2/3, HR 2/2, Integration 2/3, and the following two Finalisation stage role plays: Time 3/3, Integration 3/3

Recommended preparation

  • Preparation for the day will involve each student preparing a brief agenda for each of the role plays, and deciding what roles they require the other 3 students to perform as stakeholders in their meetings.
  • Your agenda for each role play needs to cover the items in the Marking Checklist that you will find at the end of each competency’s Role Play Assessment Task(s) – the Marking Checklist for each role play is the document I will be completing for each student on the day, so it’s important you cover each of these items in your role play, albeit briefly – around 5 minutes per role play.
  • I will not be collecting any documents on the day, so your preparation needs to be focussed on what you will need to do to brief your other 3 students as stakeholders, and conduct a brief credible meeting.


Q1. What are my pathway options?

A. Pathway 1: PME Foundation (3 day workshop) = certificate of Participation = Workplace application of knowledge
Pathway 2: PME Foundation (3 day workshop) + Certificate IV + Completion of 9 units of competency = Certificate IV in Project Management Practice = workplace application of skills
Pathway 3: PME Foundation (3 day workshop) + Project Management Practitioner (2 day workshop) + 12 units of competency = Diploma of Project Management = workplace application of skills

Q2. Do I need to have any pre-qualifications to undertake the Pathway options?

A. No pre-requisites are required to undertake the Pathway options.

Q3. How many hours of study outside of the classroom are required for the Pathway options?

A. Pathway 1 = No outside hours of study are required
B. Pathway 2 = Maximum of 20 hours per unit = 180 hours
C. Pathway 3 = Maximum of 20 hours per unit = 240 hours

Q4. Who will I contact for assessment guidance and advice?

A. Certificate IV in Project Management Practice – you will be provided a dedicated assessor upon enrolment Diploma of Project Management – John Leijon is your dedicated assessor

Q5. Does Department of Justice follow-up on my progress?

A. Yes. Department of Justice receive a status update once a month.