All Courses Under Leadership & Management

  • Coaching and Mentoring
    Coaching and Mentoring will show you how to provide constructive feedback while maintaining trust, using proven approaches that incorporate emotional intelligence and strong interpersonal skills. Create a coaching culture where insight and experience are shared readily to provide the ongoing support your employees need to thrive.
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence
    Leading with Emotional Intelligence shows you how to harness your own emotions and those of others to enhance decision-making, improve behaviour and facilitate high performance. Including a Genos Emotional Intelligence Report, you’ll become aware of how your emotions directly impact those around you, both in work and personal lives.
  • Conflict Resolution
    The Conflict Resolution short course explores the factors that drive conflict and the skills required to effectively intervene and facilitate positive outcomes. It demonstrates a pragmatic approach that will help you deal with and resolve conflict.
  • Performance Management
    This short course explores the end-to-end processes associated with the performance management cycle. From the setting of goals and allocation of work through to performance reviews and recognition, you will learn the skills you need to drive a performance culture and proactively address issues of diminished performance.
  • Change Management
    The Change Management short course covers the step-by-step process for successful change. Understand the various types of change that affect your organisation and apply different models of change in the context of your business. Learn to plan, prepare and implement change with the tools to effectively resolve resistance to the change process.
  • Implementing Innovation and Continuous Improvement
    The Implementing Innovation and Continuous Improvement short course harnesses skills in innovative thinking, as well as identifying, analysing and driving opportunities for organisational improvement.
  • Manage People Effectively
    The Manage People Effectively short course shows how to best engage your staff, create meaningful relationships and facilitate team cohesion by using emotional intelligence in your leadership communication and behaviour. Including a Genos Emotional Intelligence Report, you’ll become aware of how your interactions with others directly impact your ability to influence those around you.
  • New Supervisor
    The New Supervisor short course provides you with the foundational knowledge and skills to effectively make the transition from teammate to leader. With a focus on effective communication, team performance and workplace relationship management, you'll learn the tools and techniques you need to get started in your management career.