All Courses Under Finance

  • Economics for Managers
    The unit aims to introduce underlying principles of micro and macroeconomics to the participant. It will enable the practicing manager to appreciate and understand how an economist thinks and will develop a framework for making choices and decisions using economic concepts.
  • Finance for Non-Finance Managers
    Finance for Non-Finance Managers is designed for those outside of the Finance function with budget influence and responsibility. It provides a practical guide to analysing financial data and a solid understanding of financial performance. Make better informed fiscal decisions by learning all aspects of financial management from planning through to budget review and reporting on financial outcomes.
  • Finance Fundamentals
    This short course helps you understand the fundamentals of finance such as interpreting financial reports, recognising the impact of financial strategies and communicating effectively with finance professionals. With this knowledge, you'll gain the confidence you deal with financial information and transactions.
  • Manage Budgets
    The Manage Budgets short course introduces key concepts in budgetary planning, implementation and management. It covers all aspects of managing team budgets and financial plans including accurate reporting, monitoring and financial performance review.