All Courses Under Professional Development

  • Business Networking
    The Business Networking short course provides essential insight into the art of creating and maintaining strong and far reaching business networks. It explores identifying appropriate networks, network participation and personal networking competencies.
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
    The Critical Thinking and Problem Solving short course strengthens your ability to objectively analyse and evaluate an issue to solve everyday problems in the workplace. Learn a range of proven tools and techniques you can use to identify challenges and respond to them in a structured and considered manner. Gain practical guidance on how to implement these skills in your workplace to make better decisions aligned to business goals.
  • Dealing with Difficult Behaviours
    Dealing with Difficult Behaviours supports your development as a proficient communicator, so you are adept in dealing with challenging personalities and situations. Equip yourself with the tools necessary to mitigate the cost of conflict through effective communication and mutually beneficial resolutions. Discover a range of proactive and preventative communication techniques and gain the courage to have difficult conversations in the workplace.
  • Personal Branding and Professional Etiquette Workshop
    Etiquette Masterclass with Anna Musson Can manners make money and help you get ahead? This unique MasterClass offered for the first time in partnership with Anna Musson, Founder of The Good Manners Company will cover a broad range of life skills, not commonly offered in training organisations.  Whether you're looking to further your career or step out into the workforce, this comprehensive course is a power session to strengthen your polish, poise and professional confidence.
  • Plan Like a General - Strategic Planning and Execution for Disrupted Environments
    "Strategic Planning is Dead. Long Live Strategic Planning" - Plan Like a General is a two-day intensive workshop during which participants will work through their own real planning problem.Participants will gain experience in the use of the MPP and leave with a plan of action for their own real world planning issue.
  • Resilience in Disrupted Business Environments
    Resilience In Disrupted Business Environments is a 2 Day intensive workshop which assists organisations and their people to develop the psychological skills required to deal with disruptive and ever changing nature of the modern business environment.
  • Resilience in Self
    The Resilience in Self short course will uncover skills and techniques to utilise your strengths and recover from problems and challenges. Acquire the tools and strategies to be emotionally resilient to stress, changes at work and to life’s challenges in general.  Gain the ability to remain positive and productive in the workplace, regardless of the demands and changes you face.
  • Strategic Organisational Change
    Leading and managing strategic change is a key responsibility of the senior management team. The process seems to suffer from one of two shortcomings; either planning for change is inadequate or inappropriate or the execution of the change plan is faulty.
  • Time Management
    Time Management will empower you with strategies to take back control of your time by better analysing workloads, prioritising tasks and overcoming procrastination.  When done well, effective time management not only increases productivity, but helps us to become more confident, less stressed, and better positioned to realise long term personal and organisational goals.
  • Vital Conversations
    Workplace conversations, including performance reviews are the lifeblood of relationships and networked individuals. Find out how to plan, prepare and practice for vital conversations to make a credible difference in your working environment.  
  • Work Priorities
    The Work Priorities short course provides you with practical tools and techniques to set meaningful goals and realistic plans to achieve them. It shows you how to manage pressures, organise work commitments and improve your productivity.