All Courses Under Public Sector

  • Building New Leadership
    Building New Leadership: Performing at the Executive Level is a three-day program for recently promoted or acting Public Sector Managers.
  • Ethics and Governance
    The Ethics and Governance short course is designed to improve your understanding of ethical behaviour at both the individual and organisational levels. Focusing on interpreting legislation, policies and procedures to make ethical decisions; this program will also introduce practical strategies for managing potential conflicts of interest in the workplace.
  • From Manager to Leader
    The rapidly changing demands on public service managers requires you to not only know how to lead and to demonstrate leadership behaviours, but also to “be” a congruent and values-driven leader.
  • People Matters - Recruitment and Selection
    Getting the right people on board is critical to the success of any organisation, whether it is in the private or public sector. This 1-day program provides a solid understanding of the recruitment process within the context of the state public service and provides a framework for effective recruitment, selection and employee on-boarding.
  • Public Sector Service Delivery and Communication
    The Public Sector Service Delivery and Communication short course helps you to understand, evaluate and report on service strategies and practices. Along with developing your communication skills, this course also teaches practical techniques for giving directions, managing meetings and designing professional presentations.