Learning Outcomes

At the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the transition from peer to manager in the public sector
  • Build leadership capacity through improved emotional and social intelligence
  • Understand leadership in the public sector context
  • Explore ways to influence people to gain greater productivity and higher levels of performance
  • Consider how to manage commitment in people for improved performance and in a constantly changing environment

Delivery Mode

3 days, face-to-face​

Our programs are held on-site at AIM’s state-of-the-art campuses. The benefits of studying in a classroom setting include being able to share first-hand experiences, ideas and questions with peers and our expert facilitators. You’ll study alongside like-minded people and strengthen your professional network.

Additional Information

What’s included?


Our non-residential delivery includes all-day catering, courseware, experiential activities, diagnostic profiling and a one-hour Executive Coaching session post-program.

Payment options


Payment of $3200 GST inclusive is to be made upfront before you attend the training. This can be made via credit card at the time of enrolment, or you can elect to have an invoice sent to you. Upon receipt of your invoice you can elect to have payment made through direct debit, or call (02) 6120 1980 and pay via credit card. For full terms and conditions, including cancellation / transfer requests, please visit https://www.aim.com.au/terms-and-conditions#public-sector-course

About 360 Feedback and Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI)

360° Feedback is a process whereby leaders and staff members can receive confidential, anonymous feedback from the people they work with. It is an important element of this program and is undertaken using the Executive Leadership Profile (ELP). The ELP is built upon an established public sector management competency framework and focuses on public sector-specific capabilities. 360° feedback, with its focus on comparing one’s own views with others’ assessments of our performance and behaviour, lies at the very heart of management and leadership success.

A self-assessment profile, the HBDI profile it helps people understand the way they tend to think and supports individuals to develop an understanding of their communication style, how to work with their colleagues and how to leverage the skills and strengths of others to achieve results. Based on research into neuropsychology, the HBDI provides an individual with an excellent understanding of their natural styles for processing information which impact on an individual’s perception of the world as well as the way they approach problem solving, the effectiveness of their interactions with others and how they accomplish things.

Our Facilitators

Our greatest asset is the strength of our people. Our facilitators are often sought after by name and our highly qualified CPM consultants have an average of 20 years’ experience of working in and with all areas of the public service. Our teams’ extensive experience brings a results based perspective that unlocks the potential of every participant. We take pride in our integrity, responsiveness and professionalism when transforming talent for the workplace of tomorrow.

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