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360° Feedback

360 FeedbackCPM has expertise in the delivery of 360° feedback as a means of improving self-awareness and developing a performance focus within organisations.

360° feedback allows leaders and managers to receive multi-rater, confidential, anonymous feedback from the people they work with.

The power of 360° feedback as a means of self-awareness stems from its fairness, believability and positive professional development focus.  Feedback from multiple perspectives and from credible work associates is powerful in motivating behavioural change.

CPM owns a suite of public sector-specific feedback profiles and has over ten years’ experience in the field.  With established norm data based on over 10,000 profiles from over 50,000 different raters across the public sector, these profiles have a high degree of visibility and are well respected in the public sector. 

Our current suite of profiles includes:

  • the Senior Leadership Profile Band 2 (SLPB2) and Senior Leadership Profile Band 1 (SLPB1), based on the SES Band 2 and SES Band 1 capabilities from the Senior Executive Leadership Capability (SELC) framework;
  • the Executive Leadership Profile 2 (ELP2) and Executive Leadership Profile 1 (ELP1) based on the EL2 and EL1 capabilities from the Integrated Leadership System, along with a Team Leadership Profile (TLP) for APS level staff; and
  • the Emotional and Social Intelligence Profile (ESIP) and Strategic Intelligence Profile (SIP), providing feedback for SES and EL staff on emotional and social intelligence and strategic intelligence.

CPM also develops tailored 360° feedback tools based on organisation-specific leadership frameworks or work level standards. These profiles can provide:

  • quantitative data to inform accurate workforce skills audits and impact assessments;
  • short ‘pulse’ 360° profiles to report on development progress;
  • aggregate departmental performance data for comparison against broader public sector; and
  • diagnostics for self-awareness.

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