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AIM Policy: Certification Issuance

AIM's Certification Issuance policy provides AIM students and staff with clear information about AIMs position in relation to issuing Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) certification documentation


The purpose of this policy is to provide AIM students and staff clear information about AIMs position in relation to issuing Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) certification documentation.


The policy applies to current AIM students enrolled in a Vocational Education and Training (VET) course; when students successfully complete units of competency or complete all the requirements of their course with AIM. This policy applies to AQF certification documentation; Qualification, Statement of Attainment and Record of Results.


  • AIM complies with the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015 including clauses related providing secure certification and participation in the Unique Student Identify Scheme (USI) – clauses 3.1 to 3.4 and 3.6.
  • AIM complies with the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) including AQF policies and guidelines in relation to format and specified information to be included on certification documentation.
  • AIM complies with the Student Identifiers Act 2014.
  • AIM is committed to applying the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) contained in schedule 1 of the Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act),


To provide clarity throughout this policy the AQF certification terms are provided below.


The result of an accredited complete program of learning that leads to formal certification that a graduate has achieved learning outcomes as described in the AQF.

Statement of Attainment

Recognises that one or more accredited units has been achieved.


An official certification document that confirms that a qualification has been awarded to an individual. In Australia, this may be called an ‘award’, ‘parchment’, ‘laureate’ or ‘certificate’.

Accredited unit

A single component of a qualification, or a stand-alone unit, that has been accredited by the same process as for a whole AQF qualification. In the Australian VET system, an accredited this is referred to as a ‘unit of competency’ or ‘unit’.

Record of Results

A record of all learning leading to an AQF qualification or an accredited unit in which a student is enrolled and is issued by an authorised issuing organisation. In Australia, this may be called a ‘transcript of results’, ‘academic transcript’, ‘record of achievement’ or ‘statement of results’.

Certification documentation

Official documents that confirm that a course has been completed. May include testamurs, Statements of Attainment and Records of Results.



  • AIM only issues testamurs and Statements of Attainment for nationally recognised accredited qualifications and units of competency that are on AIM’s scope of registration.
  • AQF certification documentation is only issued to a student AIM has assessed as meeting the requirements of the training product as specified in the relevant training package.
  • All certification documentation issued by AIM is produced in the required format as specified in Schedule 5 (of the RTO Standards).
  • Certification documentation will be printed on official AIM stationery to ensure authenticity. AIM stationery is securely kept, preventing unauthorised use.
  • A student’s USI must not be included on any certification documentation.
  • AIM issues testamurs and Statements of Attainment to students within 30 calendar days of the student being assessed as meeting the requirements of the training product, provided the student has a verified USI and all agreed fees have been paid.
  • AIM will provide the testamur or Statement of Attainment to the student via post, to the address the student has provided to AIM and is noted on the student record. Certification documentation will not be provided to a third party unless the student has given approval.
  • AIM will not issue a testamur or Statement of Attainment to any student who does not have a verified Unique Student Identifier (USI), unless an exemption under the Student Identifiers Act 2014 applies.
  • AIM will not issue a certification documentation if there are fees owed to AIM by the student.
  • If a skill set (listed on the National Training Register under AIM’s scope of registration) has been achieved, the Statement of Attainment issued will contain the name of the skill set and indicate whether the skill set meets a licensing or regulatory requirement.
  • AIM maintains a register of AQF testamurs and Statements of Attainment is has issued. AIM retains records of AQF testamurs and Statements of Attainment is has issued for 30 years, and sufficient data to allow authentication of the student, and enable the reissue of the AQF certification documentation.
  • AIM reserves the right to revoke certification documentation if an administrative error has been made by AIM. If this occurs, AIM will take rectification action and mitigation action if appropriate.

Students applying for reissuance of certificate

  • Any request for the reissue of a certificate must be made in writing to the AIM Student Support Team via email with the following information:
    • Sufficient detail to identify the student
    • Sufficient information to identify the certification documentation issued.
  • AIM Student Support may request further information to verify student identity and/or the course completed.
  • AIM charges a fee for the reissue of testamurs or Statements of Attainment (for current fees refer to the AIM website in the Student Information section).
  • Any certificate reissued by AIM will be a duplicate of the original document only. This includes the ‘student name’ and any other distinguishing features. The only detail to be changed is the ‘issued on’ date, which will be the date of re-issue and specified as ‘reissued’.
  • AIM will not accept requests for reissuance of certificates due to a name change (e.g. legal name change, married name change). AIM cannot reissue a certificate in a different name to which it was originally issued.
  • AIM will complete the reissue request within 21 days of it being received by Student Support, provided all the required information to identify and verify the student is received and the student has paid the reissuance fee.
  • Once authorised, the reissued certificate will be mailed to the student to the address as advised by the student. A copy of the reissued certificate will be kept on the student’s file.

Version: 1.3.0