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AIM Policy: Course Progression


The purpose of this policy is to provide AIM students and staff clear information about AIM’s position in relation to monitoring the progress of students in their course, and approaches to intervention.


The policy applies to prospective AIM students and current AIM students enrolled in Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses with AIM.


  • AIM complies with the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015 including the clauses related to student support and progression – clauses 1.7, 5.4 and 6.1 to 6.6.
  • AIM ensures prospective students and current students are aware of their responsibility in relation to satisfactory course progression.
  • AIM ensures prospective students and current students are aware of the support services available to them and how to access.
  • Students are responsible for their own academic performance however, AIM recognises the pivotal role academic and student support staff have in contributing to student success.
  • AIM seeks to keep attrition at a minimum in all courses.
  • AIM is committed to ensuring principles of access and equity are adhered to and providing additional support if required including Language, literacy and numeracy (LLN), disability needs or reasonable adjustment.


  • All students receive a course start and end date, which gives a clear indication of the time available to complete their course. To successfully complete a course within the course duration each student is required to progress satisfactorily.
  • Satisfactory course progression includes regular course attendance if studying face to face and regularly engaging with their learning material if studying online. To ensure successful course completion by the end date, it is recommended that within 3 months of the course start date, students have:
    • If studying face to face – booked into all classes required for their course, and attended at least one class.
    • If studying online – familiarised themselves with the Learning Management System (LMS), completed the learning activity for at least one module.
  • Satisfactory course progression includes the regular submission of assessments throughout the duration of the course. To ensure successful course completion by the end date it is recommended that students:
    • If studying face to face - submit the assessments for any class they have attended throughout the duration of their course (schedule permitting, prior to attending class for the next module).
    • If studying online – submit assessments for each module progressively i.e. complete learning activity for a module and submit assessment prior to commencing the next module.
  • AIM monitors student progress through the LMS where all student attendance, online engagement and assessment submission is recorded.
  • Indicators of students “at risk” of not completing their course include:

Lack of attendance or engagement

    • If studying face to face - after 3 months since the course start date, no classes have been scheduled and/or no classes have been attended.
    • If studying online – after 3 months since the course start date, the student has not engaged in any learning activity in the LMS.

Lack of assessment submission

    • If studying face to face – 3 months has passed since attending a class and an assessment has not been submitted.
    • If studying online – 3 months has passed since the course start date and an assessment has not been submitted.
  • If a student is found to not be progressing satisfactorily in their course, or is considered a student “at risk” of not completing their course, AIM will contact the student and an appropriate intervention strategy will be discussed and initiated (refer to intervention strategies section).
  • If a student at any time believes they are not progressing satisfactorily in their course or are “at risk” of not completing their course, the student should contact AIM student support on 1300 761 700 or via email
  • If a student fails to demonstrate course progression for a second time (after an intervention strategy has been initiated), AIM may cancel their course enrolment. AIM will notify a student of the intention to cancel their course enrolment via email and the student will have 30 days to appeal the decision. Information regarding appeals can be found on the AIM website in the Student Information section.
  • If a student is paying for their course through accessing government funding, student progression obligations may apply as a condition of funding. In these circumstances, AIM is required to act in accordance with any funding contractual requirements (if applicable students should refer to their individual funding contract).

Intervention strategies

Individual student circumstances vary and there are a range of possible intervention strategies that may be appropriate, including:

    • Offering the student counselling or support sessions through EAP Access.
    • Offering the student language, language, numeracy (LLN) support services.
    • Providing IT support.
    • Develop a training or study plan with set timeframes for class attendance and/or online engagement and assessment submissions.
    • Provide study skills resources and/or support.
    • Provide additional learning materials and/or activities to assist in consolidation of learning.
    • Provide one on one sessions with the Facilitator or Assessor.

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