Designing and delivering solutions to engage, develop and retain talent.

Rapid change from digital disruption, rising automation, advanced robotics and artificial intelligence is transforming not only the world we live in, but the skills we need to thrive professionally. In such a rapidly shifting landscape, the technical skills we learn one year may be obsolete the next. According to the World Economic Forum, the top skills that organisations will need in the near future are soft skills that promote agility, adaptability and uniquely human traits. Rather than buying these skills, many organisations are creating a culture that values continuous learning by providing ongoing opportunities for their people to develop these future skillsets. An always-on approach to Learning & Development not only prepares your organisation for the future of work, but increases employee satisfaction and tenure.

Our Focus Areas

With an unrivaled breadth and depth of training solutions on offer, our programs bring the latest industry knowledge and cutting edge theory on topics including, but not limited to:

Personal Effectiveness


Develop your internal, interpersonal, and professional style.

Create and Manage Change


Two-thirds of organisational change projects fail. Become the ‘change agent’ in your organisation.

Lead and Manage People


34% of people leave because of a bad manager. Be a manager who attracts, retains & develops talent.

Manage The Business


Drive the strategy and operational excellence for your organisation or department.


Tailor AIM Learning Solutions for your organisation

Every business is different, so each requires a different approach with a unique combination of learning and development solutions. As the market leaders in Tailored Learning Solutions, our customisable and contextualised programs allow you to:


Programs can be developed to align to your organisational values, mission and vision, as well as any learning philosophies like 70:20:10 or pervasive learning you subscribe to.


Decide the level of tailoring that will suit your organisation. From adjusting one of our existing programs, to designing a new bespoke solution.


Tailored Learning Solutions utilise a mix of reporting and diagnostic tools for improving the impact of learning experiences, and are often complemented with coaching and mentoring approaches that continue long after the actual course has finished.

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