People Matters Scholarship

AIM, together with the Queensland Public Service Commission (PSC) is offering People matters scholarships for Queensland public sector leaders:

  • 6 places per agency (12 people) for the virtual People matters – performance conversations program
  • 1 place per agency (2 people) for the virtual People matters program

The scholarships are provided on a 1-for-1 basis, requiring agencies to fund one additional participant in exchange for one scholarship place.

About the programs

People matters – performance conversations takes a strengths-based approach to helping leaders empowering their staff through effective performance conversations. The program builds critical skills and confidence of supervisors through action-learning, with participants exploring contemporary strategies to engage employees and improve team performance.

People matters is an action-learning development program for current (and aspiring) team leaders to build the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to effectively manage people in the workplace.

The programs, developed by the PSC, are tailored specifically for the Queensland Public Service and are delivered by AIM.

How do I register?

We are currently finalising dates for the virtual delivery of each program, however to ensure you don’t miss out, please complete the below form selecting your preferred program.

AIM will contact you to confirm your placement and available dates to select from.