This year I will…

At AIM we are committed to helping our Members realise their power and achieve their goals. This month we will be asking Members to tell us what they will be committing to in order to give themselves a boost in 2015 by using the hashtag of #thisyeariwill. AIM offers Members a variety of ways they can get a career advantage whether that’s through attending one of our events, enrolling in a course, getting involved in our Mentoring program or applying for Chartered Manager status.

While making strides to improve my health and fitness I’ll be sharpening my mind by attending the upcoming Growth Summit featuring Jim Collins. Jim Collins is a student and teacher of leadership and what makes great companies tick. In this exclusive appearance for AIM in partnership with the Growth Faculty, Jim will reveal the findings from his research which asks the simple question: Why do some companies thrive in uncertainty and others do not?  #thisyeariwill challenge myself to think and lead differently

The ability to thrive in uncertain environments often brings the role of effective governance into focus. For many senior executives the role and function of boards can lead to confusion which is why AIM has put together an exciting new program called Effective Governance for Executives and Senior Managers. This program is designed to provide a senior perspective on corporate governance and how it can improve the current role of management in dealing with boards.

On top of my commitments to further myself physically and mentally this year, I would like to recommit to our valued Members once again. Our ambition isn’t just to grow our membership base in numbers but to elevate the aspirations of our members to always aim high and strive for greatness. Our manifesto highlights what it truly means to realise your power and with that in mind we have been lucky enough to have some of Australia’s most iconic managers and leaders voice our manifesto in the inspiring video below…. #thisyeariwill AIM High

Although we have 75 years of history behind us, we have recently begun a new chapter in AIM’s history and as part of that we’d like to hear more of your stories. We want to hear about your achievements and aspirations as well as your thoughts on leadership and business. With our website, magazine, newsletters, blog and social media, we have a variety of tools at our disposal for giving our Members the esteem they deserve and making you the face of AIM Membership. Our Membership team will be in touch with you over the coming months to invite you to join the conversation about leadership in Australia and I look forward to reading your inspiring stories….#thisyeariwill share my successes to encourage and inspire others