Units of Competency

These units of competency have been developed in consultation with industry experts along with our facilitators who draw upon real-life case studies and examples to ensure the knowledge you gain is practical and applicable to your role.

Unit Code Unit Name

Assist with workplace compliance with WHS laws (C) - This unit builds skills and knowledge in identifying the legal framework for WHS. Students learn how to provide advice on WHS compliance and assist with maintaining WHS compliance, including by undertaking compliance assessments and modifying workplace policies.


Contribute to implementation and maintenance of WHS consultation and participation processes (C) - This unit equips students with skills to consult with others on WHS and share valuable workplace WHS information. It includes understanding roles, duties, rights and responsibilities in relation to WHS as well as recording WHS information.


Contribute to WHS risk management (C) - In this unit, students develop skills and knowledge to be able to identify WHS hazards and risks. Students also learn how to undertake risk assessments, develop controls for managing risks, implement these controls and review their effectiveness.


Contribute to implementing WHS management systems (C) - By the end of this unit, students will be able to record a plan for a Work Health and Safety Management System (WHSMS) and communicate this plan to others. Students will build skills in implementing a plan for WHSMS and reviewing evaluating how effectively it has been implemented.


Contribute to workplace incident response (C) - Students develop their knowledge of undertaking incident response planning and reporting. This unit equips students with skills to respond initially to WHS incidents, document these incidents, and report them to the relevant external authorities. Students also develop skills in investigating WHS incidents, including in investigating incidents, analysing them and developing recommendations.


Assist with managing WHS compliance of contractors (E) - In this unit, students build skills and knowledge in managing the WHS compliance of contractors. Students develop key skills in being able to induct contractors, providing them with relevant WHS documentation and information. Students also learn how to undertake workplace inspections to assess the compliance of contractors, investigate non-compliance and consult with contractors on WHS.


Develop processes and procedures for controlling hazardous chemicals in the workplace (E) - By the end of this unit, students will be able to identify hazardous chemicals used in, or created by, workplace and Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) to understand the risks associated with exposure to these hazardous chemicals. Students build skills in developing processes and procedures to control hazardous chemicals in the workplace, then implementing and reviewing these processes and procedures.


Write complex documents (E) - This unit builds build skills and knowledge in planning complex documents, including interpreting requirements for audience, purpose, format, style and structure. Students also develop their ability to prepare draft text and finalise documents, ensuring grammar, spelling, style and other requirements are met.


Make presentations (E) - Students learn how to plan a presentation, including identifying the target audience and selecting the presentation strategies, format and delivery methods to be used. Ths unit also develops skills in delivering effective presentations and subsequently reviewing the effectiveness of the presentation.


Contribute to managing work-related psychological health and safety (E) - In this unit, students build skills and knowledge in identifying requirements and hazards relating to work-related psychological health and safety. Students learn how to assess risks relating to these psychological hazards and prepare controls for managing them, then implement these controls and review their effectiveness.

Study Options

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AIM provides a self-paced online study approach for VET qualifications. While this method of learning provides you with a flexible approach that can help integrate your personal and work schedules, it’s important to study consistently to achieve your goals within the course duration. To help you stay on track all participants in AIM courses are provided with an individual training plan.

The BSB41419 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety qualification uses the myAIM learning platform to provide interactive learning content, support forums, and access to live virtually delivered seminars, drop-in coaching sessions, and assessment workshops, all completely online. Further support is available from assigned trainers via email and by appointment.

Additional information about the study materials, course duration, and support are provided to new students via online orientation sessions.


Within the AIM assessment model, competency is demonstrated through answering knowledge questions and completing workplace-based practical assessment tasks. These tasks may include the need to utilise workplace-based activities involving others or participate in role plays, which will need to be videoed and submitted as part of the assessment evidence. You may be expected to source and research additional materials as part of your study.

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Additional Information

Completion of the BSB41419 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety gives you the opportunity to explore further qualification opportunities such as the BSB50320 Diploma of Human Resource Management or BSB50420 Diploma of Leadership and Management.

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Entry requirements

To be eligible for enrolment at AIM into the BSB41419 - Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety qualification you must:

  • have a minimum of two years equivalent full-time workplace experience
  • be 18 years of age or older at the time of enrolment
  • be technologically literate and have access to Microsoft Office suite or equivalent
  • have continuous internet access
  • have access to a workplace
  • have a Unique Student Identifier (USI) number (you can receive a USI or check if you already have one by visiting here)
  • have the ability to read and write English and display numeracy skills to at least Year 10 level.

For further details view the AIM Student Entry Procedure here.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Recognition of skills and knowledge gained through previous studies, work, and life experiences may be used to award competency for Units of Competency within this qualification. Read more on Recognition of Prior Learning and Credit Transfer or call 1300 658 337.

How to Enrol

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