Where managers and HR professionals, recognising that staff is the element of an organisation with the greatest potential for determining success, develop skills, deepen knowledge, and build their expertise.

The Faculty of Human Resources offers a wide variety of programs that provide you with the critical skills needed to manage your organisation’s most vital resource. For experienced practitioners seeking advanced knowledge to further build capability across performance development, workforce planning, and employment legislation, our Vocational Qualifications and Higher Education programs are ideal.

If you are new to the HR function or want to expand upon your existing skillset, explore our suite of Short Courses to learn the essential fundamentals.

49% of organisations believe the state of their current human capital programs are fair or poor

91,000 Human Resources Professionals will be in demand in Australia by 2024

$118,140 is the average salary for a Human Resources Manager

25% of HR Managers hold either a certificate or diploma as their highest qualification

Who should attend AIM's Human Resources courses?

who want to expand their people management skills to achieve business objectives


wanting to start a career in the human resource function


who are involved in the recruitment and selection process


who lead all elements of staff management and payroll


Faculty of Human Resources - Sue Hughes

Sue Hughes

Sue is a highly motivated self-starter and relationship builder, passionate about people development and engagement. She is a higher education qualified business, technology, and adult educational psychology professional with advanced skills in assessing needs and building capability and capacity in others, using emotional intelligence and positive psychology to engage and motivate people.

Faculty of Human Resources - Susan Peatfield

Susan Peatfield

Susan is an experienced director with a demonstrated track record working in the human resources industry in financial services, law, accounting, and higher education. She has a strong professional and academic background, including a Master’s degree in Education, and is particularly skilled in human capital management, HR consulting and facilitation, and executive coaching.

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